I love having a warm protective body next to me in bed. There is something about a 'protector' in our home that brings me comfort at night. A nice big strong protective hubby. With that said, it is also nice from time to time to have the bed to myself. All.to.myself. I can sleep right in the middle with the covers all wrapped up around me. No snoring, no rolling, no stealing the covers in the middle of the night to wake me. Problem is....when I'm loving being in bed by myself from time to time it usually means I don't have my 'protector' in our home and I miss him.

Tonight for a minute I considered myself lucky. Getting the best of both worlds. Tonight the above recliner (borrowed from my dad) will be hubby's bed. Probably for the next few nights actually. I get the bed to myself, but my protector still in the house. We returned home from the WFO with no dirt bike accidents, but Dave went riding again on Saturday and wasn't so lucky. I actually would rather a warm whole body next to me in bed, sharing our space rather than a bruised body sore, hurting and needing his own space. Plus I won't be able to hit him gently nudge him when he starts to snore in the middle of the night. Wishing him well soon so we can share our bed again.

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  1. Hope he gets well, soon! Having an injured hubby is no fun!

  2. Praying Dave all better FAST!!

    I must say that having the bed to myself has been a hard change for me, especially with a special needs child in the house... but my children don't want mammoy to get too lonely! They keep taking turns snuggling in my bed! :)

  3. Oh no! Hope Dave gets better soon!!!

  4. I hope he gets better soon. I actually sleep horrible when my sweetie is gone. Cook his favorite dinner for him to help with the healing that or apple pie. hee hee.

  5. At this stage of my life I sleep so much better by myself. But I always want the big guy in the house at least! Hope Dave feels better soon. I was afraid you were going to say he had swine flu.

  6. I hope he recovers soon.

    But I do know what you mean, I love the few times when I do get to have our king size bed all to myself.

    There have been a few times he has fallen asleep in his chair and I softly whispered honey I'm going to bed now are you coming...lol!

    Hey I can't help it if he didn't wake up I tried, right?

  7. .......hummmmm hum hum hummmmm.......I'm sorry I can't get Hannah Montanna's song out of my head right now but I hope your husband gets better because he can't protect much if he is not well, right?

    I found you on TOOJ's blog.


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