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I've been lazy this week on my blogs. And I have shipping supplies coming out my ears and covering my dining room table. And can I just tell you that some of you got a spankin' deal on shipping? Yea....I had a feeling. Your Welcome. Kirsty, you are extra welcome. I paid you to take my shoes! All of .09 cents! Don't feel bad though....seriously, none of you. I don't want any comments to that effect. I made enough money to cover shipping. Thank you. And again.....You. Are. Welcome. But beware....next blog sale might see a slight increase in shipping fees!

Hoping to get back into my blog swing tomorrow. I have lots to post about. I won a blog giveaway, met up with a fun family this weekend, Blake actually met another boy "just like him" with Spina Bifida, Kaia had a fantastic meet with exciting results, I have a new favorite show this season and have been singing "All the single ladies, all the single ladies" all week, and I came home to a special surprise on Monday all over my house. Good times.

Oh....and did you watch Oprah today? AMAZING! I cried and sat in awe watching Stephanie (NieNie) and Christian stare into each others eyes. And can we just talk about the lady from California that got to go spend a day with Stephanie......she seemed a little too ungrateful. I mean it changed her life, but she didn't seem that excited. And the "energy" she referred to in their home.....HELLO it is the Spirit of God. Stephanie has made her home a sacred place by the way she serves her family.  She seemed a little flippant about the opportunity. It seemed like she had never read her blog or knew anything about her. I'm just saying.....I would have been WAY more appreciative and MORE touched and MORE emotional and CHERISHED every minute there. Maybe she was just nervous to be on Oprah. I would have been a better candidate. But then again, Stephanie has already changed my life.....so maybe a non-blogger was perfect for the experience. What did you think about the segment?

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P.S. I have changed to the updated blogger formatting for posting and it doesn't have spell check...so please forgive me for any I haven't caught while posting!


  1. LOL, well happily I forgot to mail the check today (sick kid and various other life crises) so I can add a couple of bucks to at least cover the shipping. I know I got an awesome deal :) Thanks!

  2. I loved Nie Nie's segment on Oprah! I already watched it twice. I am so in awe of her outlook on life and sweet spirit. She is truly an inspiration!!


  3. April, did you tape Oprah? Ever since you told me about Nie Nie I follow her blog - not as closely as yours, but follow I do. I'd LOVE to see it.

  4. I just watched the segment again....I change my mind about the visitor from California...I do believe she was very touched and very nervous on the show. It was probably all a little awkward...but I still would have loved to have gone!

  5. NieNie & Christian's story continues to touch me. Their story has taught me to be thankful for all things, both big & small, and to not fuss & complain about things that won't matter tomorrow.

    What got me about the California lady was when she looked at the family picture and told NieNie that she was beautiful before the accident. She overlooked the fact that NieNie is still beautiful despite the tragedy that she has experienced. Beauty comes from within. I'm with you. I would've cherished every moment spent with NieNie and her family instead of asking mindless questions.

  6. April, I know this is off topic, but I don't know your email address. I was wondering where you got those cute matchboxes for girl's camp. I found this totally cute craft and thought it would be fun to make with the YW in our ward, but need to price it out. http://lindseyscraftlist.blogspot.com/2009/10/craft-night-sneak-peak.html

    Shannon Roberts (VJO 1st)

  7. I had a viewing party today with my 2 friends for Oprah. I thought that the segment was very touching, but I really wish they would have devoted a whole show to the story. I really would have liked to have them share her blog address and have her talk more about the blogging community. Maybe that's just me being selfish, but I feel like her blog/the blogging community has been a big part of her life. Still I loved the whole thing and the way they looked at it each other made me bawl! So sweet! Okay, I'm officially done!

  8. I DIDN'T GET TO SEE IT! I am a friend, and I design her blog, and I DIDN'T GET TO SEE IT. I am seriously bummed. I want to try to find the episode online, but so far no luck. I did watch the short segment about the woman who visited her home (on Oprah's website). She seemed nervous. But I think things were making a hard impact on her, especially if she had never met Stephanie before, and didn't know much about her the way we do. It was probably very shocking for her. That's beautiful that she was able to recognize the Spirit in her home, even if she didn't know to call it that.

  9. Just wondering how you want me to pay you. I havent't received an email yet. Let me know. Thanks!

  10. While I enjoyed the segment for what it was, I think they missed a few things!! They didn't explain how Nie is so loved by the blogging world for her pre-crash love of life-- style, love for Mr. Nielson, and the kids, her groovy home, and cooking etc. That she made motherhood look cool and hip. That so many people cared! and were shocked! by the accident. They didn't talk about the money raised in her behalf from online auctions etc. or her family much--like Cjane and Lucy taking the kids etc. Or her Faith. And yeah, I'm not sure the CA gal really appreciated the visit. Who knows!!

  11. I've only managed to watch half the epidsode on you tube as it's not available for me in the UK anywhere else. What I saw what so compelling, so heartwarming and hopeful. Stephanie and Christian are so in love, so gracious and warm.

    I was able to see the segment where the lady visited NieNie in her home and I had the same thought as Crystal - Nie was beautiful before, but she's still beautiful now - even more so I would say.



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