I had so much fun with Katherine today. I felt like we clicked the first time we met at a craft night get together almost a year ago, and after today it was confirmed. So comfortable right off the bat and this was our first time out together. Cheesy I know. And I wasn't worried at all, but it is so exciting when it is so easy! Can't wait to do it again. I found some fabulous finds and so did she. She posted pics on her blog so I thought I should take a picture of my finds too!

She introduced me to one of her most favorite thrift shops and we were both in heaven. We walked around a tiny square for over an hour searching for treasures. I didn't let her walk away from a fabulous pair of boots that looked amazing on her and she encouraged me to buy an item to put in my FVK shop. We giggled, sipped our hot chocolate/coffee, felt like we had dirty hands by the end of our day and were both pretty much 'done' searching at the same time. We chatted about kids, work, being mommies, crafting and I even asked her if she stored her stick of butter in the fridge or out of the fridge! She bought a really cute butter dish. I'm still looking for one. We both prefer our butter soft.

Definitely looking forward to our next thrifting date to another location and a hamburger/shirley temple dinner date with our 'big boys'! Believe it or not, Dave and her main squeeze already know each other from work. Thanks, Katherine, for a great morning!

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  1. How fun April!! Sounds like you had a great time...and I love the treasures you found!

  2. So fun!!! I love your finds... milk glass! I LOVE IT!!!


  3. Back in town.... and so need to know where that thrift is! I too keep my butter in a butter dish on the counter... hard butter stinks!


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