Too many bills, not enough money = SUCKS. Just keeping it real. You know it is bad when your children say their prayers and they prayer that mommy and daddy will have enough work and money to pay the bills. Things have been changing at our home. For instance, I no longer use Pureology hair care, but Pantene. My children are packing PB&J sandwiches for lunch instead of buying school lunches. We only have basic digital cable now, but I did keep DVR. Blake is my new little 'house boy'. Kind of like a pool boy but for the house. Wait until you see the pictures tomorrow. You will melt.

As Dave and I have assessed our financial situation and the worries that have come with this tough economy, we have grown closer. It is a testament to our eternal marriage. We are partners. In it together. I love him more today than I did yesterday and I didn't think that was possible. Our children are noticing the changes in our home too. They are seeing us borrowing items that we need temporarily instead of purchasing them. We are shopping more sales for necessities, using coupons more and saying "no" more. Speaking of borrowing.....does anyone have a pair of black and white saddle shoes in a size 6 for Kaia's halloween costume?

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  1. 2 things:

    1. I'm a huge slacker and the check will be mailed today. :(

    2. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. OJ was in the hospital back in May and we're still paying on it. It wasn't a huge bill, just too big for us to tackle in "a" payment. And then Hubs decided to have that little ACL surgery and it's piled into NINE payment plans with different medical offices. NINE. I'm drowning. But the fact that he's letting me take the reins and organize it is making me feel slightly better. Slightly. But I'm still drowning....with an afghan wrapped around me for extra weight to sink faster.

    Chin up - maybe the weather will be nice enough for her to go barefoot?

  2. When I get to use Pantene and not Suave then I feel *rich* ;) And *I* am the cleaning lady for a couple of offices in town.


    It really is all relative. :D

    It's amazing how little money you can survive (and thrive on). I know your creativity will see you through. Our most destitute times have ironically been the times when we have grown the closest as a family and felt the most joy.

    All that said, having more money then bills is indeed sucky. I know the feeling well. (())

  3. make that LESS money then bills ;) Freudian slip :)

  4. I'm really proud of you. It is hard, but I believe the best stuff comes from sacrifice. The lessons your kids are learning are teaching them more than you can realize. The people who really care about you will keep doing so no matter what brand you wear, whether you have a COACH or not or what you serve for dinner. Keep it simple, keep lovin your family.

  5. This is your mom smiling! We are all keeping it real now days. Love you.

    Mom xoxo

  6. Keep your head up, we are all feeling it. We own a coffe shop/Gift Boutique and some days it is a REAL struggle. I wonder every day if we are going to make it. I do agree that it can bring you closer to your spouse or family....but it does suck!

  7. Oh honey I know JUST how you feel.... I have been REAL for too long now :) So long, that it became a NECESSITY this week to buy myself a new pair of shoes.. I had worn a hole in the sole of my last hole free pair! Oh man...

    And guess what... I think it brings us all that closer to God to! Waiting on Him and HIs timing, seeing how He provides when you are at the last of your rope!


  8. I love that you are seeing the positive in this! Sometimes in hard times it's difficult to see the silver lining. That is a testiment in itself of the love and "riches" you have in your family and marriage.

    Sacrifice is good for the spirit and good for the soul. Ultimately remember the sacrifice that was made for us. God will guide us through these days {as I am feeling every word you are saying in this post} and lets us know this through the power of prayer and the feeling of the Holy Spirit hugging us.


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