This I Know.....our prayers to a loving God are not only heard, but they are answered. We have been implementing our family theme this year "Pray....Then Go." Reminding the children often that they can turn to prayer whenever they need help. And this in turn reminds me to follow my own advice to the children!

Blake has been going to school so happy and so good for the past three weeks! I know you have all been wondering. I am happy to report that each night Blake gets on his knees at his bedside with mommy or daddy by his side. He says the sweetest most heartfelt prayer to Heavenly Father each night, on his own, asking to have a good day at school tomorrow and for Heavenly Father to help him say good-bye.

The first night we decided to put our family theme to use in helping with his good-byes in the morning, I helped him with his prayer. He repeated after me. The next morning I quietly reminded him as we were turning the corner to his classroom that he prayed last night and that God heard his prayer and would help him and that he could rely on that prayer and even say another little one in his head as he was saying good-bye to me. All the while, I was offering a silent prayer in my heart that this would work. It did! He hesitantly gave me a hug, a kiss, and walked into his classroom.

When I picked him up from school I asked him how his morning went. He said, "My prayer helped. It worked!" He has been saying his prayers each evening since and our good-byes each morning are quiet and peaceful. I know we have a loving Father in Heaven who hears our prayers, who waits to hear from us and who gently answers them. I know that Blake knows prayers work. This knowledge brings me great happiness and peace.

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  1. This is beautiful and a true testiment to the power of prayer!

  2. That is WONDERFUL. I really wish that was something I knew to do when I was in 2nd grade. I cried and screamed my way to school every morning. It's so sweet that he is able to use prayer to help him through his day. And so fortunate to have a loving mommy and daddy to teach him so!

  3. What a sweet post! I think it is absolutely wonderful to teach your young son such important gospel principles. It's these simple truths like the power of prayer that keep us strong and faithful!

    And a quick side note, I was at a craft fair tonight and saw this little vintage sign for root beer and thought of your sweet Blake! I almost wanted to get it and send it to him, but I didn't want you to think I was absolutely crazy! HA! Just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog THAT much! :)

  4. Amen Sister! I loved this post! Thank you for being a mother who prays - and is teaching her children to do the same.

    My goal is to carve out time to pray and not to just rely on those whispered bits every 5 minutes throughout the day. The Big Guy deserves more from me.


  5. Your post brought me to tears. I am a first grade teacher and I have a little boy in my class that is having the same difficulty. I pray for him, and for myself, so that we can make each day a great day. I need to remind myself each morning, before he arrives, that I have prayed and that the Lord is mindful of the needs of my students and me as their teacher. I am so glad that you have had successful goodbyes! Thanks for the reminder!


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