(still in saturday morning pjs)

He loves to vacuum.
He put his apron on and asked for his Saturday chore.
Then begged for it to be vacuuming.
He talked to me the whole time.
(Just like Marissa.....I am going to miss her.)
But I have this house boy.
And he's all mine.
Back off ladies!

I'll be cleaning my house for the first time without Marissa (Ma-REE-sa) next week. She has become part of our family. She has been cleaning our home for 8 years. She asked me to be in the labor and delivery room when she delivered her second child. She was amazing in there. So strong and quiet. She really didn't need me in there for support, but I was so glad to have shared that experience with her. She has never increased her cleaning price in 8 years. I have tried, but she wouldn't accept. I would always help her make our beds....one of us on each side while we talked. She learned a lot of her English here in our home. And Dave and I learned to make authentic carne asada and salsa from Marissa. And she would try to teach my children spanish while she was here. She treats Dave to spicy lunches that she brings for him and she makes the best ceviche and surprises us for no reason. She borrows one of my large pots for tamale making. And then brings us a batch. I am going to miss her. I am so sad to tell her today 'no more cleaning'. I am going to cry. Not because I have to clean my house by myself, but because I know that she barely has any business left in this economy and she is already nervous about having enough money to buy diapers for her baby.

Maybe you will think I was a spoiled brat these last few years. Having someone clean my house. And you will think "welcome to my world." Or be mad at me for helping someone who came here illegally. But I will tell you this....we never took Marissa for granted. And I will miss her company and hearing her family updates. I will worry about her as we worry about ourselves. But we are doing the right thing and I hope everything works out for Marissa too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Kaia has another gymnastics meet this weekend.....here locally. It will be nice to not have to travel this weekend. The competition season is almost over. Zones and State Championships are in November and December and then we are done. She has competed very well and we are very proud of her accomplishments in this sport. Her dedication and desire to improve is inspiring. I will tweet her results as she competes! Check in on Sunday to see how she does. Until then.....Happy Friday!

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  1. I remember having to make the HARD decision tp let my cleaning help go. It was difficult for so many reasons, and though a costly chunk went to her, I really needed her help and he peace that a clean home gave me. I don't think I have been quite as peaceful at home since, but it has helped us tighten our belts! Willl be thinking about you guys :)

  2. It really does humble your family and relationships when we give up things that are not necessities. Me and my husband got our bills down to $1300 a month, that includes, car payment(we just have one car), rent, utilities, we gave up cable (too much junk on there anyway, plus we are never home long enough to watch it),cell phone(no landline),ins. I can honestly tell you that we sleep better at night knowing that we don't have to work to live, it's the greatest thing. Owning your own business is scary and fun at the same time. We have just finished building our first chicken coop. Our goal is to find some land to purchase and farm. I have gone from a city chick to a country chick. If we lived near each other I'd give y'all some eggs :) Sending prayers your way in this tough world we live in. Have a happy Friday and weekend!!
    ~Molly P

  3. :( I am so sad for you both. We always had maids growing up because there were so many people who desperately needed work. They became a part of our family and we always worked together. I can relate to your sadness. I hope that she can something to replace the job although I'm sure she will miss you all very much too.

  4. I'm so sorry! My mother-in-law has her own business cleaning houses and she too has been losing clients! She's told similar stories about clients crying as they have had to let her go as they tigten up their budgets! She has been with most of them for years and they are her best friends, so I can totally understand how hard it will be for you to have to let her go. You may be losing a lot but you'll always have your beautiful family, especially that sweet little house boy. So adorable!!

  5. I said a prayer for Marissa this morning ~ and for my adult children too, as you all raise a family in an increasingly difficult world, economically and otherwise. I do know that as we recommit our lives to provident living, as our Prophet directs, we become more and more driven to cut back. I see you are doing that. For that you will be blessed ~ which is the goal, right?

    Love, Mom

  6. Although you are sad she's not moving far far away. Invite her over for brunch/lunch once a month. There are so many ways to keep her in your families life so that you stay in touch. My house boys are the two most handsome studs you've ever seen. Hee hee.

  7. Your support and love and prayers are so touching. I love the blogging community. Thank you! You gals are amazing.

  8. Hang in there April. We went through a recent period of my husband not having a job for 11 out of 18 months. He's now been employed for a little over a month. It's still stressful, we are both in high tech and neither of us make enough to solely support our house, daycare, everyday needs, etc.. We had to let our cleaning people go, stopped eating out, I'll live with an older car for a couple more years, went to cheaper brands, etc. Now that he is working we've kept of those habits knowing they are better for us longer term. Sounds like you guys are working it out together and that is 90% of getting through it, making sure everyone has the same priorities.

  9. i dream of the day when I can have a house cleaner... oh it makes me start to drool a little bit when I think about it... that and new carpet would be amazing. But those are just wants... not needs. Someday right?

  10. That is the cutest house boy I have ever seen. Are you going to hire him out? If I had a house I'd hire him when we get back. :-) I just went through a bunch of your past blogs. I got all teary to see how fast your children are growing. I remember well just a couple of kids who came to Delaware with no family - only each other - we made those kids part of our family. We love you and miss you and love how you are raising your family so faithfully.


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