Ok...that's it for this here Blog Sale! I have posted everything that is going to get posted this go around. Yes, I still had a few more things....and some housewares and decorating items but my shoulders are on fire and I am tired. It has been oh soo fun though and I do believe these last 6 hours are going to be crazy....I mean...there are some cute things down there for really cheap!!! Maybe we can do a little housewares/decorating Blog Sale in a few weeks.

Just a reminder....Blake's Closet closes at 2pm pacific time and My Closet closes THIS evening at 6pm pacific time. Have fun bidding. I am planning on getting items packaged up and shipped out the beginning of next week. If you bought mulitple items, I will work on combining shipping for you too! For all you local ladies...you can pick up from my home on Monday!

Kaia has another gymnastics competition this weekend. I will take video! She has been working very hard at trying to improve her beam, floor and vault. I know, she is already great...but she still wants HIGHER scores!

Happy Final Bidding all you pretty ladies!

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