....which means I get to wear this cute little rain coat I picked up at the end of last season in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco. It was a steal....and although I don't particularly like the rain (actually I don't mind it at all if I don't have to go out in it...but if I have to go out in it, like this morning to bring children to school, then I hate it) I am at least going to wear something cute to keep me dry.

There are some very cute details on this rain jacket. Like the lower gathered hemline and the empire height buckles in the back. And did you see the ladder in the picture? Mr. Kennedy got up and got dressed this morning to go climb on the roof in the pouring down rain to clean out the gutters so I wouldn't have to listen to water pour down my windows all day. He came in soaked and while waiting for his jeans to dry in the dryer, he folded the load of clothes that was in there. Oh he is sweet. And studly! And I didn't get to tell you about last week when he came to rescue me at home after I made a very frantic phone call to him.

Last Monday I dropped the children off at school and went and ran errands. Upon my return I found this ALL.OVER.MY.HOUSE.

That my friends is bird shite. Except when I called my husband screaming that there was bird shite all over my house.....which meant there was a freakin' bird in my house again.....(do you not remember this post?) I dropped the e off of the end of shite to make the long i a short i! I was screaming, Dave was laughing hysterical and I was begging him to come home and find it. He agreed and I went outside to wait for him.

There was NO WAY the bird was going to calm down enough to figure out how to WALK back out through the doggie door that it came in through. I was sure it was hiding somewhere. And because of the bird shite all over my house, I could tell that the poor thing had been frantic and was flying all over the place was just taking a break.

Well in the meantime, while I was sitting on my front porch waiting for my knight in a shiny clean work truck to come home to save me, Mr. Mike, our neighbor who is also a firefighter, came home. He wondered why I was on the porch. I told him. He went to get his fishing net.

This is Mr. Mike with his fishing net. Now I had two men saving me! Dave got home, they searched the house together, every once in awhile making a funny noise or throwing a pillow at my feet to make me jump out of my skin and scream another horrible scream. Oh they were having fun and I was just begging them to find the bird. No luck. And a whole week later still no luck. The good news is my house doesn't smell like dead bird, so the poor thing must have calmed itself down, when it was through dumping it's shite all over my house to walk back out the doggie door.

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  1. Do you have a FLAP on the doggie door? If so, how can a little birdie push that flap open? I love the pictures of the shite.

  2. hahaha!!

    I love love love that rain coat! I need a cute one. I smell a shopping trip!

  3. Haaahaaaaa!!!!!! I love laughing out loud at your hysterical posts!


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