....trying to dig myself out of a hole of work, laundry, garage mess and life. My mom calls when I don't post on my blog regularly to make sure I'm OK....not sick or need anything. I love her. And while I'm digging myself out of this hole and feeling blue, I mentioned to Blake over the weekend that he doesn't tell mommy that he loves me enough. You wouldn't believe the hugs, kisses and the 'I Love Yous' I've been getting! They brighten my day. Glad the sun is shining today too.

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  1. Me too!! Ugh. And my mom calls to check on me, too. Ha! I love that they use our blogs as a gauge.

  2. how a bout a thrifting trip soon to lift those spirits? i will even show you my super-secret favorite spot to go. :)

  3. Hey! I have missed you! Hope you gret things under control soon.. .only because living bogged under chaos is yucky!!

    Hugs :)

  4. *hugs* I've missed you!!!

    Blake is such a sweet little boy! I bet those kisses and loves you are the best!


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