Grey has been a new obsession of mine. I was thrilled when I found new sheets and a sham and throw pillow for Blake's bed that already coordinated with his duvet and existing sham. He was ready for new sheets so it was perfect timing. He had also been begging for a furniture rearrangement in his room. I was trying to make the most of his space and still give him ample floor space to play. He is in the smallest room of our house. 10 x 11. Here are the pics of what we came up with.

His new room!

Pictures of Daddy on his wall!

New handmade headboard.
Poster size frame with a piece of sheetmetal cut to fit hung on wall.

Nightstand with book storage and bottle collection.

New sheets, sham and decorative pillow to bring in the blue and grey! On super sale at Kohl's grand opening!

Remember this $20 chair from Ikea? It fits perfect in a pint-size desk for his room. The stainless steel desk top was a miscellaneous piece at Ikea for $10. I knew if Dave could add legs to it, it would be a perfect narrow desk for his room. Also the storage cart to organize his playstation games and accessories was found at Target.

And something fun we let our children do to their rooms......the back of their door is theirs to do whatever with. Blake has chosen to plaster his with stickers!

Blake is thrilled with his mini makeover! More on his bottle collection tomorrow. It's a sweet story.

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  1. Fun stuff. I always loved rearranging my room as a kid. I still like doing it now. It's hard when you don't have much room. I remember rearranging our living room during the summers when mom and dad would be at work. LOL As long as Dad's chair could face the TV, we generally weren't in any danger of getting scolded.

  2. So cute!!! He has a very stylish room! :)

  3. It looks great! Now come help me with my house! Home decorating is not as easy as it looks... well, except for people like you!

  4. I love it! Good use of the smaller space. Can't wait to hear the story of the bottle collection...my hubby has one too!

    I emailed you about the dress...let me know what I need to do girl!

  5. Blake, I love your room. It's more grown up...just like you!

    Love, Grandma xoxo

  6. I too am obsessed with gray right now. I love his room. Tasteful but totally boy appropriate.

  7. This looks great! I love the desk & chair! Perfect size! I'm totally digging the headboard - genius!

  8. Everything looks great! We have the same dresser and it has lasted us forever! One of my favorite purchases as far as new furniture goes.


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