I have seen this on a few other blogs and thought it would be fun. Here it goes.....


I always tailgate. So much so that at least once a week a driver pulls over irritated to let me pass them. I even get 'the bird' pretty frequently.

I always miss my husband when we are apart.

I always sleep with my blankie....even bring it to hotels with me.

I always forgive. Not a grudge holder.

I always love lemon anything. Lemon bars are my most favorite right now.


I sometimes am socially defiant. I had my handwriting analyzed one time and this was stated in my analysis....it is true.

I sometimes am really grouchy after 8:00 pm with my family and tell my children to just go to bed because I'm not going to be nice anymore. Learned this one from my own mama!

I sometimes just need to turn the TV off because I can't stand the noise any longer. This is a newer one that is coming with age I believe.

I sometimes look on the sides of the highway, while driving, for a cardboard box and wonder if it might have a baby in it. Crazy, I know. You've all heard the news though....it used to happen occasionally.

I sometimes screen my calls.


I never go the speed limit. But consider myself a very safe driver.

I never drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Except one time we did buy the candy cigarettes for our kids and then felt really guilty that we bought our children candy cigarettes to play with. I finally pulled them out one day when my mom was over and Kaia, my mom and myself sat at our kitchen island and pretended to smoke. All while talking about the yuckiness of smoking and how not cool it really is. So we then ate our candy cigarettes.

I never start the BBQ. I never BBQ. But I want to learn.

I never stop kissing my kids or rubbing their hand, or belly, or cheek. I can't get enough of their soft, soft skin.

I never NOT try to see the bright side.

So....there you have it. My ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, NEVER. If you do it on your blog. Let me know. I would love to read it!

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  1. i always love lemon too.. soul sisters. My mouth is watering since I read it and now I have to break into the halloween candy, yes, lemon heads are what we're distributing this year and I'm going to help myself to some.

  2. Oh, this is fun. I like it! Let's see....what do we have in common?

    Grouchy after 8pm, check. TV noise is becoming bothersome, check. I, too, wonder what might be inside bags and boxes on the highway. And it makes me sad as I drive past them. Soft skin addict, check.

    Some of your others would fall into a different category, but they're on my list as well. :) Happy Monday.

  3. Love this! I have a blankie, it goes with me too!

  4. How cute! I've never seen it done, very fun.


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