.....for my pity party going on now! I'm not sure what it is. The air, the temperature, the yucky feeling in my bowels, too much design in my mind with not enough money, too many bills piling up with not enough money, grocery shopping needing to be done, clean clothes needing to be put away....endless piles of clothes. OK not really endless, but enough to make me want to forget they are there and just ignore them. Drawers needing to be cleaned out, closets needing to be cleaned out, office needing to be cleaned out and organized. Office needing to have part-time reliable secretary (that would be me folks). Garage needing organizing, packages needing to be mailed off, have I mentioned bills needing to be paid? Oh yea, I did. I just feel like I am in a funk.

F. freaking out a bit and feeling fragile

U. unresponsive to my to-do list

N. nagging in my head

K. I can't even think of a "K"....help me out!

I have been able to do a few things to cross of my list that should be helping me get out of my FUNK (without a K definition yet). Blake was needing some serious organization in his very small room. Last week I did manage to clean out his whole bedroom, throwing away many a broken toys. I rearranged his room to make way for a desk in there. I also decided that to spiff up his room, it could use a headboard. On a very tight budget I made a magnetic board headboard with a $9.99 black enamel poster sized frame and a piece of sheet metal placed in there instead of the glass. We mounted it on the wall and he loves it. Pictures to come soon.

Dave, Blake and I headed to IKEA on Saturday for a desk and chair. Hoping to find a desk for $25 failed. Every option was either too wide, too long, too short or the wrong color. We spent 4 hours in IKEA trying hard to make the little money I was wanting to spend work for a desk and chair. At the end of the 4 hours, feeling defeated and exhausted and using a show floor sample as our own living room couch, I spotted a chair on display that was just perfect for his desk (that hadn't been found yet). It was small and not too heavy in appearance for his small room. After chasing down the IKEA clerk, I was told the chair was discontinued and that I would need to take the chair over to the As-Is department for pricing.

I sweet talked to the young guy behind the counter and smiled the cutest way I knew how and asked him if he was feeling generous. He smiled and handed me a sticker for the chair with a $19.20 price tag on it! Yippee.....I just scored. And as I was walking out of the As-Is section, I spotted a stainless steel piece of countertop that was 13" deep and 47" long for $10! Perfect for his desk. Now I just need Dave to make me some legs. Oh I almost feel like my pity party could be over. I forgot how great I felt Saturday. A desk and chair for $30 without compromising style!

Today I am tackling our office. I have three hours before kiddos come home from school. That should give me a good start. And another thing to cross of my list.But I still have much to do, too much in my brain, 6 hours most days to get it all done and nothing gets done. Poor time management on my part, I know, but my the crowdedness in my head makes me shut down sometimes.

And I am still needing a "K" for my Funk.

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  1. If it was my funk, "K" would stand for "kicking myself." So many of my funks are self-imposed, my OWN lack of action and my OWN lack of gratitude and my OWN lack of integrity (meaning, am I doing the things I know I should be doing every day?) are what get me there. Hang in there, no funk lasts forever. Pick the easiest thing and tackle that, to get you moving. :-)

  2. You can look at the K in a couple of ways.

    1. Without a K, the FUNK becomes FUN. Isn't that a sweet twist on the badness?

    2. K could be for kinky...and well, throwing some kink in with the funk and you could really get outta the "one" mood and into another! :) Win win, I say.

    But in all seriousness, the funk has spread worldwide. I've written about and be in..and read about...funks all around. Be comforted in knowing we're all experiencing it. I call it the end of summer bummer.

  3. A girls weekend should do the trick!! ;o)

  4. *K*nots in your stomach?

    *K*nowing this too shall pass? :)

    *K*eep focusing on your glorious frugal finds

    (this always cheers me immensely). Hope you are feeling better very soon!

  5. I too have been in a funk, it can be so hard to focus on the positive sometimes. Freaking out because we have no where to live in NAPA/Sonoma and we arrive OCt 24th. EEEEEEK

  6. yup... full bown funk around here too... bummer hu?

  7. I hate the funk...it stinks. Here's to hoping you find your way out really soon!


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