"Women don't NAG we only offer REPETITIVE ENCOURAGEMENT." Nice one huh!

"Moms who know Best....Choose Less." Less of the wordly things in our lives and more opportunity for family time, spiritual time and more simpler times. I love this idea.

"Choose to Thrive instead of Survive!" Thriving is so much more enriching than surviving. Surviving feels like we are barely measuring up, barely enjoying anything and just keeping our head above water. Thriving offers happiness, enjoyment and enrichment. The key is choosing to thrive!

"Bless me to come to love my life.....not try to change it." When life throws us lemons, it is up to us to embrace it and still find happiness. A story was told of woman whose husband had left her when she became seriously ill. She was raising two boys and went in to talk to a therapist. The therapist learned a life lesson that day when the lady told him she was there to learn to love her new life, not try to change it.

These are just a few of my notes from my girls' weekend away. Next week I will start my series...."This I Know."

And something fun to look forward to....well what I think will be fun at least. Next week I will be holding a "Blog Sale" instead of a garage sale. I will be posting items from my closet, my kids' closets, housewares, etc. and selling them cheap here on my blog with reasonable shipping rates within the US. We will see how it goes! Anyone excited?

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  1. What if I want to come and shop in person? Ahead of time, of course!


  2. I LOVE the first one....

    and I love the blog sale idea!!! Sounds fun :)

    Are yoe going to clinic next week still?

  3. Do you accept early bird shoppers?? Especially ones who have a soon to be studio to decorate and a passion for fashion??? Plus I have your stuff to give back ;) Perfect timing!! lol!

  4. You know I can't wait to see Kaia's clothes!

  5. I really needed to read this, life has been handing me a LOT of lemons, thx :)

    P.S. a blog sale is a GREAT idea!

  6. love all of those...but the last one...wow...how poignant!

  7. Love your notes from your weekend! Blog sale? Sounds like fun!

  8. That blog sale sounds like tons of fun! I'll be back :) And... yes, I did do my blog all by myself. I'm not sure how professional it looks :) but I do have fun doing it! Thanks so much!

  9. What a neat idea!
    Love your quotes...especially the one about choosing less.


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