We can't help ourselves and click on stories in the news that we really shouldn't. I first made the mistake of being curious about the story about the women who admitted to sleeping with her father when she was 19 on the night before her wedding. Granted she claims she was in a drug haze, but unacceptable and gross and shame on me for clicking. I was left feeling sick and sad and disgusted.

Having not learned my lesson the first time, I later clicked on the recording of the 911 call made by the mother that was drowning in her car. I bawled. It was horrible and I felt like I invaded her last few moments of her life. Can't America just leave those personal private moments alone? Curiousity got the best of me again and I can't shake it now.

On a bit of a happier note, but still part of the American Way, I watched Dancing With the Stars this afternoon and cried when I watched this.....

(to watch without interruption, click play then pause until video has fully loaded)

Having had watched The Osbourne Family on MTV when it ran it's series, it was wonderful to see Kelly so graceful and gaining such confidence. Her Ellen interview was touching too.

And on a Dancing With the Stars side note, Kathy Ireland looks like a horse dancing. Her feet just look like they are clopping. Is that a word? And I don't mean it in a mean way....it was just hard to watch.

One proud "American Way" moment I had today, I stood with Blake with his whole school, placed my right hand over my chest and recited "The Pledge to Allegiance" as we faced our flag. Then I reminded my little boy, as I whispered in his ear, to offer a quick prayer in his head to Heavenly Father while I pryed him off me kicking and screaming saying good-bye at his classroom door. He has regressed and this afternoon I told him a little white lie, I told him that crazy Nurse was coming to the school tomorrow and that he wasn't allowed to cry. That's the American Way....right?!

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  1. I'm not a DWTS watcher, but I do like watching clips on blogs. :) Thanks for sharing. I hope that Blake has a wonderful non-clinging rest of the week. Maybe sneak a brownie in his hand as you walk in....he'll be distracted and happy? No? Hmm...good luck. Mine still cries too.

  2. I watched the girls episode of Dancing With the Stars today too and I gotta be honest, her dancing made me cry! Not so much her dancing, but the fact that her mom got so emotional about it. Pretty cute! It made me feel happy for her too. Kathy Ireland and Macy Grey were both just awful!

  3. What a performance! I watch SYTYCD, so I never watch DWTS...maybe I'll have to watch both!

    And I can't blame you with the little guy! Another one for the Mommy Files for sure! I hate to admit it, but I do this with Boog too!

  4. Totally cried when I watched it the other night. Gosh, it feels good to cry sometimes. :)

  5. sounds like Blake is feeling confidant and ready to test his boundaries in school... Nat hit this stage yesterday BIG TIME. Not fun to get those calls from the teacher. But we prayed today that he follow the fruits of the spirit. (that is one of the best way I teach my kids behavior, kindness etc...) and 10 mins after school got out my phone rang today. I answered in with MUCH hesitation only to be told that Nat had an AMAZING day and totally rocked fourth grade behavior!!! THank you Lord!


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