Since I am leaving this morning to go hang with my chicks and be inspired to be a better mommy, wife and woman, I thought I'd share a few of my old tricks and little white lies from my mommy files. It was inspired by this post yesterday on Alicia's blog.

One bad mommy move....I've folded clothes while my kids are in the tub, even though they were old enough for me to yell every couple of minutes "you OK in there?" and they knew to respond IMMEDIATELY it still was a taboo move.

And some mommy truths.....I've smelt the milk and noticed just a slight "off smell" and when asked by the kids if it smelled OK...I responded "Yup...just fine! Now eat your breakfast."

I told my kids when they were young that it was illegal to drive on the highway with the windows down so that they would quit playing with the window buttons. My 12 year old was embarrassed when she announced that law to a car full of kids her age!

While eating miso soup at our favorite sushi restaurant with our kids, I told Kaia when she was 3 years old that the tofu squares in the soup were CHICKEN. She loved the 'chicken' and would always ask for my 'chicken' too! Good thing, because I don't really care for the 'chicken' in my miso soup! (At 12 she now knows it is Tofu. I had to tell her all my little white lies after the car window incident above so she wouldn't keep embarrassing herself around friends.)

Oh please, please, please share with me a tidbit from your Mommy Files! And have a wonderful weekend. Mine will be full of girlfriends, shopping, laughing, eating, crying, staying up late and being filled spiritually. Can't wait to share it all with you on Monday!

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  1. I'm glad you're addicted to Time Out for Women. I've got to get back there. Maybe next year :o) Have a wonderful time. Tell Dave I'm just a phone call away!

    Love, Mom

  2. Haha this is so funny!

    My mother insisted Santa was real... and still does!! She has never ever actually told me that it was her & my dad all along.

    I've had friends who's parents told them that when the ice cream van played music it had run out of ice cream. I'm definitely using that one when I have kids of my own!

    Saskia x

  3. I'm DYING!!!! I'll have to keep these in mind for when Baby J grows up.

    I'm so bummed about my silhouette family. My friend is going to mess with it in photoshop and see if she can squish it down. Hopefully!

  4. SOOOO glad you joined in the fun! I love it! I didn't think about when I yell at mine from the living room while she's in the bath...guilty!

    And the milk...So funny that you put that one. This morning as I was making breakfast, I did just that...and then check my email to see you that did too...hysterical!

  5. When the boys were young they wondered why my nephew Drew had a stocking at our house and why I filled it. I told them Santa stopped filling your stocking at age 16 and it was up to us parents.

  6. When the boys were young they wondered why my nephew Drew had a stocking at our house and why I filled it. I told them Santa stopped filling your stocking at age 16 and it was up to us parents.

  7. I told my boys that the ice cream truck was merely a "music truck". We would just listen to the music and go on with the day. They have since learned that there are delicious treats on board that music truck!

  8. Mine are still young enough I keep lying. I'll let you know when I feel guilty enough to confess. :) Can't wait to hear about your weekend. It really sounds like fun.

  9. I take unfinished food off one kid's plate and put it on a clean plate and disguise it as untouched food, so as not to have to make more food. They ask, "Is this James' old pancake?" "Noooooo of course not," I reply. Extra syrup helps the disguised pancake! Also, if an apple has been bitten and discarded by one kid, I cut off the bitten part and tell the new recipient, "there was a bruise there, I cut it off for you." Aren't I so nice?

    Thanks for keeping it real, April!

  10. Although I don't have children yet I did help my mom raise my brother and sister, they are 13 & 12. So I have a motherly love for them and cried for almost a month after I got married and moved out, very tough!! We have a big water plant where we live and I told them that a shark lived there so they would quit asking if I could stop and let them tour it. HAHA, I know bad big sissy!! Can't wait to hear about your weekend!!
    ~Molly P

  11. just today I lied to Luke :) when we wouldn't eat his lunch and Audrey was devouring hers I told him that she was getting bigger and soon she would be bigger than him if he didn't eat up. He didn't buy that so I told him I could actually see him getting smaller. He ate right up :)


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