Kaia had a great gymnastics meet this weekend. Here are her scores and placement during the awards ceremony...

Floor 9.2 - 2nd Place

Vault 9.050 - 2nd Place

Beam 8.8 - 4th Place

Bars 8.6 - 6th Place

3rd Place All-Around

Very, very exciting. Hope you enjoyed her video. She is disappointed she was so wobbly during her beam routine. Normally she is more steady on the beam but during her warm-up right before her turn to compete she took a pretty bad fall off the beam from her handstand and it rattled her. But go watch that handstand again when she actually competed. It was gorgeous....near perfect. I will try to find her first beam routine that she scored a 9.0 on and post it. There she was solid on that 4" beam.

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  1. Gosh! I didn't know Kaia had such tumbling, hand-standing, cartwheeling skills. I am so impressed! Good job Kaia! Wobbles or not... still pretty darn good.

  2. Very Nice!!! Is she still competeing down here in a few weeks? I would love to take the girls to watch her and encourage her!

    And is that dear little brother singing about "wacky taffy" in the background?? SO something that Nat would do!!

  3. love it! you must be sooo proud. she did great!

  4. Kaia,
    I was thinking about you all day on Sunday. And I was excited when Mommy posted on Twitter! You're a star :o)

    Love, Grandma & Grandpa xoxoxo


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