Dave got the nickname "Pedro" over the Labor Day Weekend while in Coloma. I got the title "Wife of the Year!" Here's how it went down.

Dave and I needed a few things from the grocery store while we were camping over the weekend. We always have roast beef hash while camping. This past weekend I didn't pack anything for hash. I thought we would have different breakfasts this camping trip. Well, Friday morning came and the Matoza family started frying up their hash for breakfast. We quickly realized camping wouldn't be camping without hash. We asked where the closest grocery store was and we were told 11 miles. Not too far.

Before the hash issue came up though, the issue of a certain form of birth control came up and a question from the Hubs whether that certain form of birth control had been packed in the trailer. Now normally we can go through camping without the need for birth control, but it had been a busy couple of weeks and I kept putting hubs off with "when we go camping." That certain form of birth control hadn't been packed so hubs said that I would be going to the store regardless. :)

I went to the Matoza trailer to let them know we were running into town to get some things and asked if they needed anything. Kirk asked what we were getting. Well everything on the list escaped me and I kind of hemmed and hawed a bit. He asked again and I decided I would just blurt out the only thing that I could think of.....Condoms. Then hash browns, chilies and roast beef came to mind. But the jokes started and the fun began. Michelle made a quick comment, "now don't go using one of those before you get back here."

We drove to the grocery store. Found all of our items, except for the birth control. Asked. Got embarrassed. Made a joke that we were getting them for our friends that were camping. (What's wrong with us.....we're married.) And left empty-handed. Ran to the liquor store across the street and scored.

On our way back it got a little amorous in our truck and Dave decided to pull off on Pedro's Hill all the while giggling that we were going to go find a place to park. I think he was shocked that I was game! We drove quite a ways up Pedro's Hill until we found a perfect little turnout in the road. We parked. And well, since we are married, did a little more than make-out.

As we were getting dressed and feeling like teenagers Dave said, "hurry up and get your pants on...we are going to be late for class!" I loved it. And then he said,......."You aren't going to blog this....are you?" Classic I thought. And "Yes" was my answer!

When we pulled into camp Kirk and Michelle jokingly asked if we used one before we got back to camp. I smiled and said "Of course we did...thanks for the idea....we love us a little Pedro's Hill."

All the couples were trying to figure out how they were going to get out of camp and find Pedro's Hill. We didn't give clear instructions. That's OUR spot! And we will be back next year FO SHO.

I dare you to do something different and daring. It does wonders for rekindling an oldish kind of love.

Part Two of our Coloma camping trip coming tomorrow!

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  1. That is so cute. I love those kinds of moments.

  2. Haahaa!!! We tried to 'do a little more than make-out' and got caught by the police... Jimmy has been scared ever since. Maybe I'll hold out a little before we go out on the town and just 'happen' to steer him towards a secluded turn out! You crack me up! I find it fascinating that I can get tips from you even when we haven't scrapbooke in forever!

  3. Totally cute story. You are never to old for a little lovin time. I've been friends with Michelle for years. I miss camping with her. Take care.

  4. hahaha you seriously crack me up!

  5. Wow, you two are still like teenagers! HOW FUN. Seriously jealous that you can leave th kids behind for a grocery store and Hill run. LOL Maybe we'll escape to our cars out in the driveway. Ha!


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