.....of the desk chair for Blake's room that was only $19.20!

Hopefully Dave will have time this weekend to work on installing the desk!

Speaking of this weekend, I will be getting to spend some time with my favorite girlfriends Friday and Saturday out-of-town at Time Out for Women.

I'm pretty excited. Sure to get me out of my F.U.N.K!
(more on what the K ended up standing for in F.U.N.K in my comment section)

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  1. Boy, maybe with all those explanation marks, I am getting out of my funk!

    And I did end up picking an option for K yesterday, but I wouldn't want to tell you what that option was because then I would have to tell you that I had to re-make my bed and get re-dressed at 10:30 am after Dave came by from work in the morning! Thanks for that "k" option tooj!

  2. You've been missed! MY fault though... I'm back to bloggyland though! :)

    The NICU holds a very special place in my heart. And yes, a very special time there but very far from what I imagined the birth of my son to be. I will never forget them and the things they did for my son nor will I ever stop thanking God for them either.

    Glad you're getting out of your funk! Funks are no fun... but sure sounds like the K in funK is! :)

  3. love the chair!! I am impressed you made your bed once let alone twice... i am so bad about making the bed!

  4. I loved that email from you. Made me laugh! :) That's a great chair. It LOOKS like a boy chair...is that okay to say in this "let's let gender be what gender be" age?


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