Yesterday was the Primary Program at church. It is the one time each year that the 3-11 year old children teach us during our Sacrament Meeting. It is filled with beautiful music, sweet personal stories from the children and quite a few giggles from the adults. There is usually one child that sings either extra loud or extra dramatic....check. One that says their whole talk in a language that nobody but their mother could understand (usually one of the three year olds)......check. And one that makes a stealth exit from the pulpit that everyone else see's except the parents of the child exiting the stage.....check.....and that would be Blake.

Yesterday right before the program was going to begin Blake slid off his seat ever so slyly and into crawling/crouching positing. He crawled down the stairs, across the entire front of the chapel and down the aisle to where we were sitting. A few adults were giggling and I was trying to figure out what I was missing...that was until I saw my 7 year old son crawling down the aisle to us. He then proceeded to repeat in a not-so-quiet of a voice that he was hungry. He repeated that he was hungry through the whole sacrament part of the meeting where they pass the bread and water, but refused to take either. I tried covering his mouth, hugging him tightly, grabbing his arm tightly all while trying to shut him up. As soon as the sacrament portion of the meeting was over and he had announced to everyone in the chapel that he was hungry Dave stood up to exit the building with him. It was then that Blake leaned into me and whispered ever so quietly....."I'm really not hungry."

In our Sunday School meeting that followed Sacrament Meeting I asked if I could make an announcement. It went like this....."For the record, Blake had three yogurts and a bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning. And when Dave was escorting him out of the Chapel he said ever so quietly, "Mommy, I'm really not hungry." I just wanted you all to know that he was fed properly before our church services this morning!"

Needless to say he missed his part in the Primary Program. Dave took him home and made him eat a piece of toast!


We have a favorite t-shirt we bought Blake at Peek Aren't You Curious. It is a surf shirt that says "Yard Sale" on it with the definition of what a "Yard Sale" is in surfing terms.

Last week I set it out for him to wear to school. This is how our conversation went.

Blake: "Mom, I don't like wearing this shirt to school."

Me: "Why Blake? It is an awesome shirt!"

Blake: "All the adults always ask me 'How much do you cost?' I hate having to answer that question all day."

In other Blake news, you can see in this picture that Blake lost his first front tooth last night. He has already lost 4 on the bottom. This is the second tooth that Kaia has accidently knocked out while they were horsing around. School pictures are on Wednesday, just enough time for the other front tooth that is extremely loose to move into center position and dangle from a thread when he grins and says "cheese". I might have to request a little more rough housing on Kaia's part to get the second one out before picture day!


And speaking of Yard Sale.......my

will start this afternoon!

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  1. Love the church story, he sounds adorable. God is so good in giving us exactly the child we were meant to have.

  2. I was dying when Blake was crawling. He is so dang cute I could never get mad at him. About the blog sale, I have never so badly wished I had the body of a pre-teen. Seriously, I would die for that coat. I also love me a good silver dress with sequins.

    And, we are losers is back in session! I dusted off my trainer videos and started again yesterday.

  3. I'm with Kathy - that coat is HOT.

    Blake sounds hilarious, and your description of him getting away from his duties at church had me laughing. :) Thanks!


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