I begged him last night and this morning to make me never have to meet with 'that lady' ever again (about his crying)! And Dave can't wait to share his adult vocabulary with her at our 'adult' meeting! He, of course, is kidding and we often deal with our frustrations with humor. It worked. It made me smile! AND you guys are AMAZING. I need to go back and re-read each of your comments and take notes about my next course of action.

And I had a chance to talk about my disgust with the meeting yesterday with his teacher who was present. She commended me for the way I handled myself and agreed she was completely out of line, especially in silencing me and accusing me of not acting like an adult. Phew....the validation from someone present was exactly what I needed too!

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  1. Ape, my advice to you (yesterday) was going to be always have another adult with you at any meeting.If Dave can't take your mom or sister. It helps for them to see you at least have a witness to collaborate your side of the story.Good luck and sorry you went through all of that!

  2. hey, april! i am just now reading all of this--i'm sorry you have to deal with that woman!

    when my sister was little she had SEVERE separation anxiety to the point where she would run away from school every day. certain teachers, principals and members of the school district treated this as a behavior issue and blamed (and treated like shi*) my mother. this resulted in horrible punishments, which did not treat the problem and made it way worse. it was not until my mom found a psychologist in new york who specialized in school phobia and flew my sister out there to begin treatment that things improved. at that meeting he diagnosed her as absolutely having a legitimate phobia (not a behavioral issue) and agreed to continue treatment over the phone.

    what this long-winded post is trying to say is--hang in there! and do not let that nurse make you feel like you or blake are doing anything wrong. in fact, it sounds to me like you are doing everything right for him.

    after two full weeks of public school, i have to admit that i hate everything about it and think the system is b.s. BUT--i am trying to keep the anarchist in me quiet as not to influence henry.

    it may take awhile, but in time hopefully blake will learn to comfort himself at the morning drop-off.

    in the meantime, i will be thinking of you both!


  3. That woman sounded crazy. You better go into that adult meeting with guns blazing and let Dave have all the adult word regurgetation that he wants. I didn't spell check that and I know it isn't right...but oh well. LOL

  4. SO glad that it went better and SO glad that the nurse was hiding (she probably was embarrased by her behavior and maybe was even told by someone not to show her face to you ;-))


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