Daily posts of pretty things are back over on my Butterflies blog.

One of my blog friends was contemplating starting a second blog. I quickly suggested....no. It is a lot of work. But the chance to have a few different beautiful blog banners makes me want to keep creating blogs!

But really what I want to do is combine all my blogs to one blog....where I post it all.....Funky Vintage Kitchen news, 4 Kennedy news, pretty things that give me Butterflies, projects I am working on, crafty things, etc. But here is the thing......how do I choose the title....the prettiest blog banner to use....? hmmmm....it is a question that I ponder regularly. If anyone has it figured out, I would love your ideas!

And I am really wanting to do a post on that song This American Ride. At least that is what I think the song is called. It will be coming soon. Kaia is listening to it right now while getting ready for school. I'm off to go make breakfast and lunches....oh wait...yippee I don't have to make lunches it is Wednesday. Short day for school. Maybe there is a plus to these kids getting out of school every Wednesday at 12:30!

Happy Wednesday!

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