He was a little difficult to get into his classroom, but his teacher took him (yay) and asked him for a hug after he gave me one and he went in somewhat hesitantly, and he sat down on the floor at the door. But he wasn't crying, he wasn't screaming and he wasn't kicking. The nurse was hiding out observing. (thank you) The teacher told him that when he was ready he could go put his backpack away and start writing in his journal. I didn't address any issues today. In fact, I avoided them for my well being today.

Thank you for all your support and advice. I value each one and will use your strength, knowledge and words of wisdom!

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  1. I am so glad Blake's morning was less traumatic!
    I have a lot of opinions about this, but the most prominent is that it seems to me that Blake is experiencing some anxiety at transition times, specifically drop-off. Though anxiety often manifested physically or you may notice a change in his behavior at times like these, the problem itself is a psychological one.

    Blake does have some physical issues that makes the involvement of a school nurse necessary but I cannot grasp why she crossed the line in this manner, involving herself in something in which she was not educated.

    Often, a common teaching method is to let the child express their feelings, solve their problems, self-soothe etc. Of course the teacher is there to aid in the process but giving the child the tools to calm themselves and become aware of their choices, actions, reactions is so much more effective in encouraging their development.

    Bottom line, there are SO many things this nurse could and should have done differently. So sorry you had to deal with this. Definitely voice your opinions at the top of the top.

  2. Way to go Blake! By the way, I agree with some of the other's on the last post. I think the nurse deserved to get kicked.

  3. Wow! Really, just wow! It's really too bad when people who think they are in a position of authority like to think that they know more about how to help your child than you do. What an annoying lady that nurse is! I hope he continues to thrive in the school environment that he's in and that nosy nurse stays out of the way!

  4. Rock on Blake!!!

    Yea, April :)

    Hugs.... I will write you soon :)


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