Will you please add him to your prayers this evening?
Jason is going in for surgery tomorrow.
Brain surgery.
He has been suffering and fighting brain cancer for awhile now.
He is 33.
He has three children.

His cancer has become aggressive this past month.
Tomorrow morning he will have a biopsy on the 'fingering' part of the cancer,
possibly a shunt placed in his ventricles for better drainage to relieve pressure,
and a tumor removed from his right frontal lobe.

My sister and I are planning our trip to the hospital
as soon as we drop off our little ones at school on Thursday.
I am hoping I can handle the bruising better than last time.
Last time I had to lay on the hospital floor to keep from passing out.
It looked like someone took a baseball bat to his face.
This time I will be prepared. I hope he will be up for visitors.
I will be excited to see him and I hope he will be in less pain.
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  1. I will definitely keep your brother in my prayers tonight.

    Thank you for your sweet comment, I cannot tell you how much I love them!

  2. Hey April! Jason will be in my prayers! I wish him and your whole family the best!
    Hang in there!

  3. Prayers for Jason & your whole family! May God guide the surgeons hands and pace a healing touch RIGHT where this invasion has attacked Jason's body!

  4. Sending our prayers and positive energy~
    The Childers

  5. You better believe he is in our prayers. Big time. Miss that guy so much. Norm was able to visit with him Saturday. I am so glad. Jason holds a special place in his heart.

  6. Sending prayers your way! This is something that hits close to home in my family, too.

  7. I'm thinking of you & your family April & sending prayers to Jason.


  8. April, Jason and your entire family are in my prayers today!!!

  9. He will be very much in my prayers, as will your whole family be. I hope all goes well.

  10. I will definately put him and your family in my prayers. The Lord will provide you with the strength you need when you visit him.

  11. I will be thinking of you all! Big hugs.

  12. I'm so sorry your family is going through this, it's just not fair. You all are in our prayers.

  13. I know there is a follow up post....I'm still writing this in hopes that everything goes smoothly....what an ordeal to undergo. I hope that your family is getting all they need in terms of support, etc. Blog world is thinking of you and your little brother.


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