Our kids' memory didn't fail them. First night arriving in any beach town means traditional visit to the beach at sunset. We pulled into San Clemente around 6:30 pm, stopped off at Pedro's Tacos for our 3 rolled tacos with guac and cheese then hurried to the beach to catch the sunset. It was beautiful and the water was like a luke warm bath. Wonderful start to the week.

Our studio apartment that we are renting for the first four days is clean, cozy and looks like a picture right out of house beautiful. We all slept peacefully and are ready to hit the beach today. Bring on the surf, sand and sun!

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  1. I'm starting my 5 days worth of blog catch up, and as much as I'd like to concentrate on this "night" post....I see the picture in the previous post, staring at me. Milk chocolate. Oreos. I have to scroll down.


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