PRAY....then GO! Last night was wonderful.
We enjoyed the kids favorites....steak for Kaia and scallops for Blake.
Dave and I love them both, so we enjoyed too.
Ceasar salad and corn on the cob with cheesecake for dessert.
Sparkling lemonade in fancy glasses and candle light made the night special too.

We talked a lot about prayer through dinner and how it helps us.
It can comfort us, guide us, and help us make decisions.
The kids grasped it and were excited about it.

We finished the evening with each child receiving a father's blessing
from daddy. A special prayer given to each child to comfort
them and bless them as they embark on this new school year journey.

It was lovely. And I felt like we succeded until I crawled into
bed and realized none of us said personal prayer before bedtime!
One of my goals. That's family life!
Hopefully we won't forget tonight.
And I'm not sure how I will feel tomorrow.
Enjoy the peace and quiet in my home or miss it.....

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  1. I love this theme. It can definitely be used by anyone anytime. I will keep it in mind next time I'm facing a difficulty.

  2. It looks like such a lovely dinner! It seems like a great way to start out the new school year! Also, hope that all is well with your brother. What a difficult thing for him and your family to deal with. Wishing him the best!

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