I'm planning a "Back to School Feast" with a family theme for the 2009-2010 school year. I love the idea of celebrating learning and the fresh start to a new school year. School starts on Wednesday so I think Monday Night Family Night will be the perfect night for our feast and introduction to our family theme. I'm thinking along the lines of ...


I love the idea of teaching my children that whenever a situation arises (especially at school) where they either are nervous or unsure, they can offer up a silent little prayer to our Heavenly Father and he will hear them. I look forward to teaching them this on Monday night and encouraging more regular personal prayer both mornings and evenings in each of our own rooms. I am really wishing a happier school year for Blake this go around and more stability with girlfriends for Kaia.

This is my third post today....I'm on a roll. And yes, Disneyland with pictures and story of how our day went (and pics of me boogie boarding with my friend are all still coming....hopefully tomorrow.) Dave's prize winnings below!

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  1. Haaahaaaa!!! It was nice to come home after a grueling day of selling my trash as someone else's treasure to tons of posts! Tons of posts= tons of fun! Gosh, how I have missed reading your blog on a regular basis.I feel like I miss out on so much. I am glad you're home. I am most definitely playing the penis game with you the next time we're in public!

  2. Love the idea....I think it's hard too...every year in school has more excitement...and sometimes turmoil...here's to a great school year...I'm sure

  3. Great idea! I think I have been a bit too mournful in my attitude to the new school year, and need to do something like this too for FHE. Thanks! Hope you have an awesome year. I love your theme. What more do you need, really?

  4. the changing picture....its no secret :) It is called an "animated gif" There are lots of sites that will generate them if you just google "generate animated gif"
    then you just upload a few pictures and voila!

    i love this post of yours...isn't Nie so incredible?? This is such a good idea, i wish i could have carried this out too, unfortuantely standing up, and especially the thought of a "feast" makes me want to gag ;) Pregnancy is a doozie...

    your blog is adorable!

    ...also thanks for voting!!!

  5. I love this idea of Nie's... I remember how exciting the new school year always was as a child.

    I'm looking forward to your photos from Disneyland!

    Saskia x

  6. I agree. I was trying to encourage Ryan this a.m. as he was hesitant to go to the school and pick up his schedule for 7th grade. At the end of the last school year I started praying with him and he really liked it.


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