Thursday night Dave planned a date night for us. We went to the fair with two other couples to listen to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy perform. The boys decided that they needed to play a few carnival games to win prizes. They opted for the balloon darts and here is what they won....

Sorry the quality is so poor. It was taken with our Blackberry. But YES...that is my husband on the right holding the "Lifeguard on Duty" picture. Boy am I proud of him. Tim won a Timmy picture and Nick got the "Git-R-Dun" picture. It was fun watching the boys play to win. And even more fun watching Dave walk around the fair displaying the picture he had won. There were a few 'dares' that evening and Dave definitely picked his picture at Tim's insistence. And since Tim took our dare to ride the mechanical bull....all was fair! It's has already been hung at the job shop that is shared with two other construction companies. I was a little bummed it went there. If it were hung in our garage I would be reminded often of the very fun night we shared at the fair!

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