But I much prefer hanging on the beach for the day or on the rare occasion, playing in the waves. This is how I spent most of my time out in the ocean.

Hands and feet UP ON the board. Especially after I saw three big fish jump really high right where I was surfing and after Kaia brought this in from the ocean.

It is half a lobster head......YUCK. And I didn't have booties which meant my feet had to touch. Let's just say that today I determined I love the beach. I love that my family loves to surf and hang out in the water and that they are OK with me sunbathing. I have no regrets. I tried it again and didn't love it. Not like I did on the East Coast. I loved surfing with Dave back when I was 20 something. It is a lot of work to 'pop up' on a surfboard when you are relatively 'out of shape'. HA....and I thought I was well on my way. My legs need a lot of work! As well as my arms. The first time I tried to get up my arms collapsed! I laughed at myself....because that is the right thing to do. Life is fun and so are some of the experiences! Tomorrow I will be sunbathing.

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  1. Did Kaia pick it up with her hands??? I think I might squeal like a little girl right now, far away from a beach, sand, ocean, and lobsters. I would LOVE to try surfing...so jealous. But I'd need bootie shoes. If anything gets nibbled off, it won't be my toes!

  2. As a Floridian who is minutes from the beach and knowing all of the things that lay beneath the waves, yeah...I'm with ya!

  3. Oh, reading your post makes me even MORE excited about my October trip to Florida! I was born and raised in Florida and miss it tremendously... so excited for the beach!


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