Doesn't he look good? I think so.

And happy? Yes, gets out of there tomorrow.

He is so excited to sleep in his own bed tomorrow night!

I became an official unpaid therapist for their unit. I was trained and cleared to take Jason on walks. On our first walk he had the Mike Erickson walk going. We told him slow down a bit.

And the next walk we joked that if he went down, I was probably going down with him, but that we wouldn't tell the nurses that so we could still get out and loosen up his stiff muscles!
I would have done anything though if he fell to protect his head. I can promise you that.

Jason said this outside board by the nurse's station looks more official than the one above in his room.

(actually they really aren't that bad)

There is a joke among the kids and Uncle Jason that is one of our children's favorite.

He heard it from one of his brother-in-laws and it has stuck as family joke. The joke goes like this......

A duck walks into a convenience store. He asks the clerk, "Do you got any Gwapes?" (Not grapes, but gwapes and that is what makes it so funny....to hear Uncle J say "gwapes."
The clerk answers, "No, I don't have any grapes."
The duck walks out.
The duck walks in the next morning and asks the clerk, "Do you got any gwapes?"
The clerk, a little irritated, says, "No, I don't have any grapes."
The duck leaves and returns again the next morning asking the same question, "Do you got any gwapes."
The store clerk is very irritated now and says, "NO, I don't have any grapes. If you ask me again I am going to staple your duck feet to the floor."
The duck comes back the next morning. He walks into the store and asks the clerk,
"Do you got any staples?"
The clerk replies, "NO I DON'T HAVE STAPLES."

So the duck says, "Got any gwapes?"!!!
So the kids know and love this joke and ask Uncle J to tell it. Last night while laying on a blanket with the Odell Family for El Centro (our new school) outdoor family movie night I asked my sister's littlest boy, Kyle, "Do you got any gwapes?
And without missing a beat Kyle responded....."No, but HE has staples!"
We all busted out laughing. Kyle knew the joke and knew that Uncle J has staples in his head right now.

So...here is a picture of his famous staples and his incision that really is healing so well.

The prayers are working! He is feeling and looking each day more and more like himself.

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  1. I think J looks great! What a trooper! I'm glad your family is enjoying time together.

  2. He seems like a good sport about everything. And he does look good.

    Fun to see you today.

  3. Jason looks great! Give him our love

  4. Congrats to your brother! By the way, I was in San Fran yesterday and saw Kara's Cupcakes! I stopped for one thanks to your plug! They are amazing!!! Thanks for the tip!

  5. yea! I am so glad he's doing well and headed home. I don't love the staples pic. but I know, you had to add it.

  6. Woo Hoo! Glad to hear he's getting out of there! He looks great! Not nearly as "gross" as I had expected! I'll keep praying for him and your families!

  7. What a fun joke. I might try that on my kid...see if he gets it. And YEA!! for going home. :) Have fun being the nurse/doctor/therapist. I'm sure you've had practice being all three at SOME point your mommyhood. It'll be old hat. Happy Monday.


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