Today was all about FUN FUN FUN!
Boogie Boarding.
Jumping Waves.
Being thrown high in the sky by daddy.
Being chased by seaweed.
Finding a pretty flower.
Blake sporting his new black Volcom socks.
Blake waiting for daddy to come in from surfing to play.
OK, so Blake was sad while waiting and....
Kaia got sunburned today...
BUT....we did have a fun day!
Followed by a great dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant
Taka-O (you must try the Oh No sushi roll)
and dessert at Velvet Yogurt.....
a frozen yogurt dessert bar!
For some great pics....click on the collage for a closer look.
Wednesday.....I'm going to try surfing. It has probably been about 12 years since I have surfed, but something in me wants to try again. I just need booties because I absolutely hate touching the ocean floor that I cannot see.
It gives me the hibbie jibbies.
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  1. Looks fantastic!! Sorry Kaia got sunburnt though... being in the water makes it so easy to forget how hot your skin's getting.

    Hope you have fun surfing!!

    Saskia x

  2. What a fantastic time. Enjoy your family time.


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