"....then you put the mallo on the graham. You put the chocolate on the mallo and then you put the graham on the mallo. " (from the movie The Sandlot)

The weekend before school started we camped overnight at Casini Ranch. Dave's parents had been there for a couple of weeks in our trailer. The kids spent a few days with them and then we drove up on Saturday to spend the night and bring the trailer home. We ate a cute little restaurant near the campground. I wasn't packing food for one night. But I did bring items for SMORES! At campfire Kaia and I decided to sing campfire songs. Really Loud. Dave was embarrassed. In fact, he begged when we finished with Kum-ba-ya! We did a few skits and shared a lot of laughs. Campfire was fun just the four of us, but we decided camping with friends is way more fun!

Want to go camping? We'll make you laugh....I promise!

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  1. Yes we want to go camping, and I will sing loud songs with you and my teens can hide inside the tent.

  2. I would love to have you and Kaia sing to us. OJ might dance along. I can't promise I'd sing though. HORRIBLE singing voice. It's why I haven't done a vlog...I hate my voice. LOL I'm glad that you embarrassed the hubby. Good work!

  3. oh looks like it was soooo much fun...what a great way to end the summer


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