This momma is happy because her chicks are happy. Both had successful first days. Both came home with plenty of good stories to share of new friends made and old friends reconnected. No homework yet....thank you.

Tomorrow is Blake's first full day of school. We met his nursing aide today. She is sweet as pie and so excited to help Blake. We did a trial run with me there today and all went smoothly! Althought I don't think he was too thrilled to have three women standing there watching him cath and then sit to try to push for a bowel movement! Nothing came out....I can't blame him. Tomorrow my sister and I are off to visit my brother at the hospital. It will be a good test for Blake on his own with just his aide behind a closed bathroom door.

Both of the kids looked so cute in their almost new clothes outfit. Both had decent converse to start out the school year so they wore last year shoes. It kind of felt weird. But never to worry, both went in new underwear (boxers over diaper for Blake) and socks! And it is so nice to have a child old enough to care about our pocketbook. She decided that before buying a new backpack this year, she would scout out what the girls were carrying....backpack vs. over-the-shoulder bag....before she bought. So sweet of her, since last year we bought a couple of different types of bags throughout the year because she couldn't make up her mind. Comfort over style eventually won and I think the same will happen this year.

I always have such mixed emotions at the beginning of the school year. I didn't start Kaia in preschool until 6 months before her kindergarten year. I felt strongly that the school district would have their chance to practically raise my children soon enough and that I would keep her home as long as possible. And I do love having a relaxed schedule during summer. But back to school is always refreshing too. A little "me" time is nice and so is watching my children learn!
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  1. Oh April they both look so cool! I'm glad they enjoyed their first days and that Blake's aide is lovely. You must have had a bit of a lump in your throat as you left them for the day after the long summer break. Definitely nice to have some time for yourself though :)


    PS good books have been ordered from Amazon!!

  2. How exciting! I can't wait till NEXT Thursday when I get to send mine off to school too :)

    A great aid makes all the difference in the world at school for kids like Blake and Nat! Hope it all goes well for you :) (you were doing the cathing last year weren't you? this will be such a change for both of you, but good too!) Kaia is so darned cute!

    Hope you have a good visit and time with Jason today!


  3. I love the first day of school. I also loved that it was a little cooler yesterday morning. It made it feel like fall, instead of the summer!

    I love the converse....we keep wearing them out. Teagan wants new ones..but high tops this time.

    I'm glad Blake did well at El Centro, so many fun families at that school!!

  4. Ours boys are using the same back packs from last year. They are still in great shape. Had to get new shoes because both of their feet grew. I do keep Wes' stuff after he grows out of it. If it's in good shape Ryan gets it.

  5. the brand spankin new haircuts are awesome!


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