Not sure what I love most....actually eating the chocolate or reading the promise on the inside of the wrapper. This one said, "Keep believing in yourself and your special dreams." They are always so pleasant and uplifting and as crazy as it sounds....I really look forward to reading them. Enjoy some dark chocolate! I just did at 4:30 am.

What the heck am I still doing up? That is two nights in a row. Oh well...I guess your 20 Year High School Reunion only comes around once in a lifetime. I have seen friends this past weekend that I cherished in high school. High school for me was some great times. I had good friends, respectful boyfriends and lots of fun. I have completely enjoyed this weekend and all the memories shared.

click on pic to enlarge
I am like 7th from the left in middle
red and white dress with sleeves

Now our family is off to San Clemente for the week. I plan on journaling our vacation daily with pictures! AND sleeping the whole way down.

A cute little couple will be spending the week in our home. I have tried to make our Master Bedroom and Bath a little spa getaway for them....with fresh towels all rolled up by the big jacuzzi tub.

See you at the beach!

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  1. Ok, so if you're back in town when I'm in Napa next week we're gonna have to get together so you can tell me about the reunion and also tell me who a lot of these people are that I don't recognize, especially the guys. Most the girls all look really good!

  2. Thanks for posting the picture. I could count on both hands the number of people I can recognize. Too bad I couldn't be here. Some of those that I recognized were my best friends that I had lost touch with.

  3. oh my goodness the place is SPOTLESS... im sooo excited thanks and have fun!!

  4. Have a WONDERFUL vacation!!! I look forward to reading all about it!

    I don't know how you functioned staying up so late / early?!! over the weekend... I would have been a zombie!!

    Saskia xx

    PS thank you for your comment. We had a lovely and really relaxing weekend! It was wonderful.

  5. Oh how fun! A 20 year reunion? Wow....I realize that mine is approaching as well. Well...let's calculate....my 15th would be in 2011. Some classmates suggested a 15yr after the 10 was a hit. But do I really want to plan it again? Blah! :)


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