Dave and I went and saw this movie tonight. We laughed hard through most of it. Decided we could have written it. Here is what we have in common with the movie:

1. We both love The Smiths. We listen to them often and, in fact, I really want the soundtrack to this movie. We loved all the music in it.

2. When we were first married Dave would draw on my body often leaving me washable tattoos. Most were on my back and bikini area but once he made a flower out of my boob. OK...so maybe TMI, but if I didn't share, you would all be wondering!

3. We have played house at IKEA. Remember this post from our weekend activites in November 2008.....

"Second, we went to IKEA on Saturday. We found some great office furniture for our new office/shop space for Kennedy Construction! Can't wait for it to all come together....for cheap....cuz we went to IKEA. But our favorite part of our IKEA trip was sitting in the 523 sq ft home display for 30 minutes...sitting on the couch and welcoming everyone who was shopping and browsing to our home! It was actually quite funny. What was even funnier was when people would walk through, and we were still sitting on the couch, they would comment what a nice house we had and that it had great space planning. We would say, "Thank you...we love it too!" Finally, someone wanted to try-out the couch and we had to get up....but boy were we amazed at how much fit into that small space....and actually felt rather spacious. Hubs and I sat on the couch dreaming that this was our little cottage...first, in Lake Tahoe, second, at the beach...San Clemente or Pacific Grove....and third, in Hawaii! Dreaming is fun!"

And number 4.....

We play the "PENIS" game...regularly. In fact we just had a penis sound off a few weeks ago, but neither of us could remember where we were. But someone else was with us and they joined in too. Actually, I think it was my brother.

If you don't know what the "Penis" game is and you haven't watched the movie, here is how the game goes. In a public place someone starts by whispering the word "penis". Then you take turns saying it louder and louder until you have to scream it. I have gotten very good at saying it loud but with an accent so it is hard to understand!

Happy Weekend. And when Dave's phone is charged I will post the pics of his fair winnings!

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  1. I have never heard of this Penis game. LOL How funny. And I love that you welcomed people to your home. Very gracious of you.

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