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Blog Background = New Outfit

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Blog Commenters = Pen Pals

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I heart my blog and all of my blog backgrounds. Some times I have been cheap and other times I have not. And I heart my 21st Century Pen Pals!!!

But I do have serious issues with Blogger right now. Why is it that my pen pals with newer blogger format I have to press submit comment THREE different times to post my pen pal love to their blog. The first time I click on google account and I am signed in and click submit. It states that I am not signed in and then I must click submit again. This time it comes up in edit form and I must 'edit' it and enter 'word verification' which I don't necessarily heart very much, and then have to click submit for a third time before it posts to my pen pal's blog.

So....I guess what I am trying to say is....if you have a newer blogger format and I leave love on your blog, know that it took me a bit of time and that I really heart you! I try to get around to everyone...I really do. I heart blogging so much! Please forgive me if I haven't made it around to your neck of the woods lately. I have a lot on my plate right now.

Blake started throwing his now infamous fits when I try to say good-bye at school. He started last Friday with my sister. I felt bad. She cried because he was crying. We thought it would be a good thing, her bringing him to school with his cousin. In fact, the Principal called today and left a message after it took 3 teachers (1 male) to wrestle him into his classroom and keep him from running and knocking over the Principal while trying to get away. She wanted to know when we were going to start the carpooling with my sister. I will inform her tomorrow that we need to go to Plan B. I wonder what that will be. At least he is excited to go to school. He gets up and gets ready and even gets dressed without any complaining. That is a huge difference from last year. So I'll take it. It does make my mornings before getting into the car more enjoyable.

My brother is still in the hospital in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit. I find I want to spend my free time with him. And I keep dreaming of the hospital bed that sits empty right next to his. You see, I loved my hospital bed when I was in the hospital after I had Blake. It was so comfortable. I slept so sound in that semi-laying/sitting position. Well the last couple of nights I have dreamt that I am in that hospital bed and have realized that I have fallen asleep while visiting Jason and am actually under the covers. I start to panic realizing that now I will be charged for that bed! How crazy that I am dreaming of sleeping in a hospital bed huh?! Anyway, Jason is improving and working hard in therapy. I am just noticing his swelling starting to go down and he is completely beanie free around me and the kids now. Not even the least bit weasy, staples and all!

Jason's sense of humor is back when he is rested. When you ask what he is doing for therapy he will tell you "playing tackle football!" Today he was able to go outside and play catch. Jill and I found him out there and were so glad he was outside and getting some fresh air and had a change of scenery. He has some great doctors and therapists and I am really impressed with his care! We brought him some of Kaia's chocolate birthday cake with ice-cream and ice cold milk today for his afternoon snack. He devoured it....then climbed in bed for a nap. I was seriously jealous! Thank you for your continued prayers.

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  1. Fantastic news about Jason!! How wonderful he got to go outside, enjoy Kaia's birthday cake & for the swelling to be getting better. It sounds like he's in very good hands at that hospital.

    Also great news that Blake's excited to be going to school. Hope that plan b goes well, when you've decided on it!

    Saskia x

  2. That stinks that you're having so much trouble with blogger. :( I am thankful, then, that you made it over to my little corner of Pen Pal Lane. So thanks.

    I UNDERSTAND how you feel about school drop-off. It's been six months and OJ still cries every single morning that I leave him. What's crazy is the kid doesn't even like me!!! He likes Dada. Weird.

    Happy to hear that your brother is playing tackle football. I'm jealous.

  3. The hospital bed I was in after Maya was born was SO comfortable! They told me they keep the best matresses for the labor and delivery wing. And I also had dreams about the hospital (for months) after Finn was so sick in the hospital. I would be in a library or on a campus somewhere, and when I would walk through a door I would suddenly be in the hospital again. It was strange. Just anxiety dreams, I suppose! I am glad to hear your brother is doing well!

    And unfortunately I have no insight for your Blogger woes, even though I am your blog designer. :) Maybe I should study up on it a little more, eh?

  4. It makes me a little weepy to think of Jason and then to think of Blake and then to think of you and the stress you must be feeling from all of it. And then I think of your mom too and more weepiness. Take care and know that we are all thinking of and praying for you guys.

  5. Shawnie, I have just become weepy myself as of yesterday. Last night I couldn't stop crying at the BMX track. It just hurts having to watch Jason in pain and deal with his body changes at 33 years old.

    Again, I can't thank you all enough for your continued prayers for him and the whole family.

  6. Jason = Whoo Hoo that he is getting to go outside and play catch! Whoo Hoo for great med care and Drs!

    Blogger... at least I took word verification offo f mine right? :) And I love your love!

    Blake... call me for the long involved answer.. but the quick(ish) answer is distraction! For Nat it came in the form of morning jobs at school.. a small chart with "done" and "not done' collumns (we used a magnatic one) and a list of his jobs to do (for Nat it was like "put backpack away" "homework in box" "hang jakcet" "order lunch" "chair down" ect until he was sitting his chiar ready to go. He would grab his list when the classroom door oepned and start doing his stuff... in the begining I had to help a lot, biut then he got the hang of it and was independant. He would get a small reward for finishing it without "melting" (as we call his tantrums) In the begining "say goodbye to mom" was on the list... at the end, then it moved up the list and then off of the list :)

    I have lots of these that we do.... Let me know what else you need :)

    BTW... LOVING the new diapers on Nat!!!


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