After a full week being fed amazing food at Girls Camp and then a weekend away in Reno and a full week back home, I am happy to announce that I am weighing in at 140. That is a full 10 pounds lost! Yippee. Hope your last couple of weeks have gone well too. Let's hear how everyone is doing. I'm still working out. I even added running to my routine, something I thought I hated. I don't necessarily love it, but it is a nice change up.

Dave hurt his leg when he fell through a roof a couple of weeks ago. He had some nerve damage to his right leg with severe swelling. He is OK, but it has slowed his weight loss (thank goodness....I was having a hard time catching up with him). I think he is weighing in right around the same as last time. The biggest bummer about his accident was it happened right when he was ready to step up his exercise program to keep the weight loss in full swing momentum. Hopefully he will be completely healed by next week.

Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Woohoo! Today's weight 252. Now last when I started 10 minute trainer I started at 256. So yipeee. Keep going guys.

  2. I have been adding dancing around the house to my day and I feel more energetic. (side effect of SYTYCD) I also stopped drinking diet coke everyday. (now I only have a couple sips if Dan is having one.) a lot more energy since quitting DC.

  3. I haven't done so great at all this week. I exercised Monday and that's it. I do have a valid excuse, I've been visiting my family in Las Vegas. Do you think it's fun to go walking in Las Vegas in July (even at night)? The answer is, no it's not. Therefore, nothing. I haven't been eating crappily (is that even an actual word?) though, so that's good. I'll do better next week, when I get home!

  4. I haven't weighed myself in a couple days- but i think i am at 147 now! I guess I should check and see if that was a loss or not? I think so.

  5. Oh my! Fell through a roof?? Wowsers. I hope you all get 100% and get to start up again. Your Losers program and a lady at work have convinced me to start up training for a 1/2 marathon. I might not be able to run it due to scheduling, but I am still going to train. :) I'm nervous!


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