Comment away people! Let's see how everyone is doing. My workouts have changed a little. I am only doing about 20 minutes instead of 30 and yesterday I ran for 12 minutes instead of my usual 10 minute cardio video. It felt good to be outside (even though I only ran in circles around my court....thank goodness it is a fairly big court)! I then came in and did my ab workout without the video...I pretty much have it memorized and it was fun to change up the order of exercises. I am watching a transformation of my body. Faster than usual for me. My inches lost are increasing and my weight is decreasing. I am still for the most part choosing healthy options for food and snacks and still drinking mostly water (crystal light lemonade is my afternoon treat). The muffin top is getting smaller....but why are the dimples still on my thighs? Shouldn't those be gone by now...c'mon it's been 3 weeks :)

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  1. 3 weeks into our challenge...here are our stats.

    Dave is down 15 lbs...new weight 233.

    I'm down 6 lbs...new weight 144!

    I've got 4 more pounds to lose to be satisfied and feel great in my own skin and 9 more pounds to be able to ROCK my skinny jeans!

    Dave's long term goal is to lose 50 pounds total so he has a little more ways to go. But that fool isn't exercising at all...so when he starts that, he will watch those lb's start dropping a little faster maybe!

  2. Congrats. :) It sounds like you guys are sticking to it.

  3. I just fit into my first pair of pre-pregnany jeans! granted they are my fat jeans- but I'll take it. I still have 15 more pounds to go! grrrr...

  4. I am not weighing myself, but I am exercising (not totally perfectly, but off and on, mostly on). I am eating pretty well, doing great at passing up those late-night bedtime snacks (i.e.: ice cream), and the veggie intake has increased, thank you, Garden! I have added ab and arm workouts to my running, and I got my running partner back from a 2-month hiatus due to injury (Norm, dislocated ankle). So, overall things are going good, and one of these days I'll get myself to the gym for a weigh-in. My main goal is a bit of weight loss, mostly to feel comfy in my clothes, and to tighten up those abs after having a baby last summer. Thanks for helping me keep on track!

  5. I have been doing a pilates workout DVD everyday (except yesterday, we went to the beach instead) this week, for about 30 mins. a day. I have also been trying not to eat as much after dinnertime and trying to eat less junk. Like your friend above, I would also like to tighten up my abs and also my arms. I think the pilates workouts are helping me out with that.

  6. 253.2 not down a ton but down. Started doing abs everyday. Ab Ripper X from P90 just about killed me. Keep it up everyone. It so nice to have a support group even though we're not all in the same place.


  7. I am down to 154.6. Lost another .6 pounds. Slow but steady wins the race!! This week will be the true test of my commitment, as I will be in Chicago - museums, concerts, galleries, and oh yes, FOOD! My son and I have decided to split one meal every time we go out - that way we can sample all the food, but not eat too much.

  8. A little late checking in...sorry. Dad and I are both UP 1 lb :o(. I hate that one pound up one pound down game. But too busy with Girl's Camp coming up next week to worry about it right now. Will take a two week break and get back on the wagon. Thanks for keeping us thinking about it anyway. It's way easier to make better choices right now.


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