Would you believe me if I said I cried for almost two weeks when I found out I was having a boy? I laid on the ultrasound table at seven months pregnant and was told, after believing for that long that I was having a girl, that we would be having a boy this go around. I said, "A boy? I wanted another girl." The doctor replied with, "Well your husband will be happy." And I quickly said, "No he was hoping girl too." I went home and packed up all the matching dresses I had bought for Kaia and Elle, the name of our supposedly girl baby that was inside my tummy, err...excuse me, my uterus (funny story I will share later) and I started shopping for a boy. Surely shopping for a boy would cheer me and help me get used to the idea of a boy. My sister said, "Oh, April, a boy will steal your heart like no other." I wanted to believe her. I knew how much I would instantly love this new baby, but love a boy more than our little Elle that was never going to be. I secretly mourned the loss of Elle and slowly started embracing the little boy we would soon have. I bought cute Gap outfits with matching socks. Blues and greens started to become my favorite colors and soon enough this little unborn baby boy had indeed captured my heart. The rest is history, but can be found here, if you are wanting to read his birth story.

Blake brings us much happiness. He is tender-hearted and fierce. He is sensitive and funny. He is perceptive and guarded. He is cautious and care-free. He is sweet and sour. He is seven today but will be my baby forever. And he has captured my heart like no other. I love having a boy. So much so....I could cry.

Happy Birthday, Blake!

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  1. happy birthday to blake! what a beautiful, handsome, sweet boy!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Blake!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day and that your mom and dad give you whatever you what because it is YOUR day! One more year and you'll be getting baptized. Can you believe you're that old?
    PS~come and see me on Sunday. I have a special surprise for you, for being my most improved singer!

  3. Awww! I got a little tear! I love having a boy, too. :)

  4. Happy birthday my sweet Blake! Loved re-reading the birth post. Seems like yesterday - really.

    Love, Grandma/Mom

  5. Happy Birthday Blake! Party hard you cute little boy! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Blake!!!

    April, did you realize how close the boys birthdays are?? I didn't :)

    Hugs too all of yoiu as you celebrate this special day :)

  7. Boys are special. They always say girls are too, but I only know of boys. And mine are heart string tuggers like no other. :) They are full force, and I LOVE that they run full force to give hugs and kisses. I LOVE that they knock me over. Happy Birthday Blake - even if it's late, I think you should celebrate extra this week!


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