I am writing this on the eve of sending my daughter off on a wonderful adventure. She will recreate the life and times of the pioneers. Trekking across the valleys and mountains, pulling handcarts through rocky terrain and rushing rivers. Her Ma and Pa will guide her and help her. Her siblings in her 'Pioneer family' will buoy her up and play with her. Encourage her to keep going. The family will travel in 'Companies'. Ten people to a 'family', three 'families' per 'Company', three 'Companies' on this Trek Adventure. They will cook over open fire in dutch ovens, preparing and cleaning while they rest from their day of travels. They will hike 5 miles per day....for 4 days. They will sit in the evening and read scriptures and sing around the campfire....learning about our Mormon Pioneers that went before us. All while wearing the above skirt and apron. I am excited for this adventure that she is embarking on. Excited to hear all about it on Saturday afternoon. I know it will be hard physically, but the growth spiritually will be well worth it.

We worked hard on her skirt, apron, bag and pillow. We had fun shopping for 2 hours, picking out her fabrics. Then coming home to cut and sew. Grandma Toni made her bonnet. She looks darling all dressed up. I have a picture to post later.

I have been instructed to write a letter to Kaia, encouraging her on her adventure and giving it to an adult going on Trek. Sharing my love and thoughts with her. The Pony Express will be coming through camp one evening delivering mail! It should be an exciting evening for all.

We will be up at 6:00 am tomorrow morning getting her ready to leave. I will be french braiding three other girls' hair at 6:20 am and then kissing my Pioneer Girl goodbye for four days. Anxiously awaiting her tight hug upon her safe return. She's keeping a journal on her travels. Hopefully she will share her thoughts and writings on her blog when she returns.

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  1. april... can i email you something and you can print it off to send to my family on the trek?

  2. April, that is so cute! Maybe you should venture off into some Funky Vintage Pioneer Gear.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to hear about this. This sounds really exciting, April. Tell her the blog world is anxiously awaiting her journalings!

  4. I love the pioneer skirt and apron. I recently purchased a set for my two daughters because I didn't have the time to sew. There are plenty of moms that spend a fortune outfitting their girls in pioneer clothing for the trek because they want something cute. You were smart to make your own.

  5. Sounds like a big adventure, and a great time for reflection and growth..... can I have a trek too? :)

  6. Yay for Trek... we'll be going as a Ma & Pa at the end of the month... I hope she has a great time!!! I know she'll be the best dressed pioneer in ALL the companies:)


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