1. Print paychecks for the business. I even deposited mine!

2. Pick up frames and magnets from Michael's in Fairfield for Girl's Camp next week.

3. Return bermuda shorts at Old Navy I bought for Kaia and get new size so she has some shorts for Girl's Camp next week.

4. Finish cutting 140 of the letters "g" and "w" for our GROW banner for Girl's Camp on the Cricut.

5. Sew a black & light blue apron and get in the mail for a dear friend that has been ever so patient. Thank you Molly. It has seriously been crazy here and your apron cut and not sewn has haunted me every few days. Molly, I promise to sew first thing when I get home.

6.Sew two more aprons for Carla and I to wear at Girl's Camp next week. We are the craft leaders for all the girls. But bringing sewing machine to camp to finish ties. Saturday morning 1:22 am.

7. Pick up sheet metal squares at Home Depot for magnetic boards we will be making. thanks hunny!

8. Finish laundry. Except I have another load tomorrow.

9.Start packing my personal stuff and Kaia's personal stuff for next week along with all the craft supplies I will be bringing up from my personal stash.

10. Make a peach cobbler with the fresh peaches Gordy, our neighbor, just delivered from his garden. NOT HAPPENING....BUMMER. Maybe when I get home. Gordy said he would have more peaches in about a week and a half. Until then I will crave peach cobbler something fierce.

11. Get customer billing finished for Kennedy Construction before I leave. Still working on it at 5:15 am Saturday morning. Never went to sleep Friday night. :( had to pay household bills too before I left.

12.Sew curtains with pom poms that we will be hanging around the craft shack. Friday 10:15pm

13. Make our theme banner for our craft shack at Girl's Camp...."GROW.....CREATE.....CRAFT".

14. Make a skirt for either the wedding we are attending in a week or my 20th high school reunion that is in 2 weeks. I haven't decided what to wear for what yet....but same people will be at wedding and reunion so I don't want to completely duplicate. The yellow accessories won for the blue dress, just haven't decided if I want to wear to wedding or reunion. And I just got a pair of bronze shoes to wear with both outfits. NOT HAPPENING EITHER....I will wear the blue dress!

Too much for today? Probably, but I will figure out the strike through key here on blogger and keep you updated on what I have gotten accomplished as the day goes on! I always do well with a list that I can cross off. Maybe I should give myself two days on this list.

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  1. No sympathy from me. I have the same length of a list before I can head out the door for Girl's Camp tomorrow. FYI to April's friends...I'll be feeding her and 144 other people next week. Just figured out yesterday that I don't have enough ketchup! And NO, I am not going back to Costco for a 3rd time! Can't wait to get to camp though. And Kaia, Grandpa will bring you something that I got for you to take with you to camp. Will be waiting for you to get off the bus on Monday! You Grow Girl!

  2. My list doesn't compare - to April's or obviously to Shari's. I will continue to sip my coke and pretend that I have pressing matters at home that I should be handling but instead am sitting here at work. Happy Thursday!

  3. That is a very, very long list. I'm sure you'll get it all done, you seem like Wonderwoman! Also, do you need a good peach cobbler recipe? I just made one last week, not healthy but so, so good. If you want to try it out, here's the link:
    Can't go wrong with Paula Deen! It was an amazing recipe!

  4. P.S. I loved Nie Nie's last post also! Sounds like she's going to get plastic surgery on her face.

  5. Oh April, I hope you didn't figure out how to cross out on the blog 'cause it's 3:30 and I hope you don't still have ALL OF THIS TO DO!!

  6. No worries about my apron April. It will be worth the wait! lol

  7. Wow... our lists are pretty equal in length and complexity... no wonder we never find time to talk on the phone!! :)

    When is Blae due back at clinic??

  8. Aw I wish I was going to camp cuz all the crafts sound dang fun! Take pics!! You mean you aren't stamping leather key chains with your initials??!! LOL Thats the only thing I remember making at camp!!

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