Well it is 5:15 am on Saturday morning and I never went to bed last night. I really just want to cry. Not how I wanted to start my week off at Girl's Camp...tired....but there was so much to do in our office and paying household bills that it really has taken me from 1:45 am until now. Wish I would have given it my attention a few days ago....problem was money hadn't come in from customers until yesterday (Friday) that we had been waiting on. So it makes it tough. Normally I would have just caught up tomorrow and Monday, but not an option this week. I'm almost through packing. Carla is going to be here at 8:45 am to pick me up. Do I go to sleep for an hour and a half or not. I'm thinking NOT. Maybe just take a good nap this afternoon on my air mattress. Besides I still have a few more bills to pay.

I was also hoping to get some posts up for this next week. I'm bringing my laptop up to camp, we will see if I can get some reception...even if we have to go for a little drive.

I hate that I'm feeling so weepy before I leave. Usually I am so excited to have a little break, but it has been so busy here that I have had to put off my kids the last few days. That makes me sad. It's my own fault though....I am the worst procrastinator. And Dave and I had a pretty good argument tonight...well last night I guess. Isn't that the way it goes though. Anyway, hopefully I don't cry on Carla the whole drive up there. I know that the tears streaming down my face right now are just because I am tired and know that I won't get that sleep back. AND I won't have my bed for a week. So I am off and I know that I will be happy again when I get some sleep and can talk to Dave when he wakes.

On a positive note, I do have Kaia all packed and ready to go. I was so afraid that she would forget something if we didn't get packed before I left. I know I will be so ready to see her come Monday! And Blake....oh how I will miss him. I think I will go cuddle with him now....while he is still sleeping.

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  1. Oh, why is it that there is so much to do and we never get enough rest before leaving the house? It could be a day trip, a weekend, or a week. I hope that you were able to rest your eyes and mind for a few minutes while cuddling Blake. That feeling of exhaustion just sucks and the crying is inevitable. I hope that you enjoy yourself and get rested while you're away - air mattress or bed! ENJOY! (and if you don't get posts up, that'll be fine. we'll just come and leave you little hello messages on here. lol)

  2. I always feel that way before I leave too.... I must be a prorastinator too, but I just think that there is too much to do and we just want it all done when we get home!

    Praying for the Lord's peace, grace and blessing on your week!

    And if you don't get too much posted that will be o. I will miss you, but it will also let me off of the hook next week while I am gone!!

    Have a GREAT girls camp!

  3. Hope you get some much needed rest. I always hated leaving my family to go to girls camp when I was a leader (is that terrible to say?) That will be fun to have Kaia there with you in a few days!


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