Dave took Blake fishing early Saturday morning.

While they were driving to the fishing pond Blake asked his daddy if he could drive with his knee. Dave told Blake that he could drive with his knee but he prefers to drive with both hands on the wheel.

It was then that Blake did the unthinkable....he proudly told his daddy, "Mommy can drive with her knee while she is texting."

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  1. Let me defend myself here! It was a very small street and I was the only car on the road going 15 miles per hour...although it was a little curvy and I could tell that Blake was getting nervous. Please know that I would never act in such a way with your child in my car...promise.

  2. Let's face it...sometimes, women can just DO things that men can't. It's why we're given so many more responsibilities on Earth. ;) Although Blake will need to learn the art of covering for Mom. LOL

  3. hahaha! i love it! Rich tried to buy me a phone that took 2 hands to text but that didn't stop me. we finally got me a phone small enough I can text one handed. ooops. my bad!

  4. Oh my gosh,April!!! You are so busted! I hope Dave gave you a spanking!

  5. Oh Blake.... that goal is to COVER FOR MOMMY .... no matter what!!!

    Don't worry April.... you can just tell Dave you were sending HIM on of THOSE texts that he should like so much :) Then he can't complain too much!

  6. Oh Blake! We don't tell on Mommy! How funny!!!

  7. Classic!
    This reminds me of my little brother, who aged 8, during a 'routine' traffic stop, told the cops that he and my dad were on their way home from crossing state lines to buy fireworks for the 4th.
    The fireworks were confiscated.
    My dad got a court date.
    Thanks little one.


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