I married my best friend. The man who healed my broken heart and promised to never ever make it hurt again. The man who needed his heart mended also, by mine with the same promise. The man who wanted the same things from marriage as I did. Fidelity, laughter, tenderness, spiritual growth, family, eternal love, respect, togetherness. Our 15 years together have been many of these things. In fact we have accomplished quite a lot together.

I heard a quote the other day. It went something like this...."even when we are fighting, know that I would not want to be fighting with anyone BUT you." Is this the best quote for an anniversary? No, but it is real. And that is exactly how I feel when we fight. In fact, our arguments are shorter and shorter as our love continues to deepen. Neither of us want to cause pain or anguish. We are trying....always trying to shorten our arguments to show each other just how much we do love each other. We come to each other quite quickly now to offer an apology and a hug. And usually the other is already over it and ready to move on. In a fairytale world there would be no fights, no arguments, but that is not the case. I just love how well we can work through them and our willingness to continue yelling communicating through them to grow stronger. And actually, if it weren't for our business there really might not be much arguing at all! But it comes with the territory of being self employed and working together daily....and I love all that it offers.

You, Dave, will always have my heart and I will always hate when we argue or fight. Please remember that the next time I am irritable, tired and just plain short with you! I bought us a carrot cake cupcake to cut and share tonight together. Please don't smash it in my face. You were such a gentlemen on our wedding day but I could see you thinking that would be funny tonight to do in front of the kids. Oh....and will you dance with me tonight in front of the kids too so they can see that we are still madly in love as the day when we married? I would love that too. In return, I will dress in something sexy tonight for bed. Maybe a tighter T-shirt instead of one of your big baggy ones!

Happy 15 wonderful years! (I'm still searching for a wedding picture to scan and upload. Why can't I find our wedding album?)

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  1. Happy anniversary April and Dave! May your happy days continue for an eternity.

  2. I too get reminiscent on these special occasions. The card I sent you said it pretty nicely. Happy Wedding Night x 15 years.

    Love, Mom & Dad

  3. Congrats you guys! Wow, you don't look old enough to have been married for 15 years...hope I look that good in 7 more; ) And congrats on the health progress. You inspire me. i'll have to step it up a notch to keep up.

  4. What a sweet moment you've captured. Fairy tales would be so boring, I think. :) Did you find the album and a tight tee?


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