I STRONGLY DISLIKE IT. Half of the time I can't even pronounce that which they are asking me to type. I try. I really do. I say it slow and out loud to make sure I am typing it right. How long will it take blogger to add "Renesmee" to the list of word verifications?! It totally works with all their other weird words. That one took me forever to say.....I'm still not sure sure I'm saying Bella and Edward's little girl's name correctly!

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  1. oh lord...sometimes they are the funniest words...I swear the other day I got a curse word....

  2. They drive me bonkers too!!

    I FINALLY figured out how to take it off of my blog and I am so happy about that... now if everyone else will realise I took it off and leave me love...

    Anyways, just another way I totally agree with you!!

  3. RenEZmay (that's not a long E, just where to put the emphasis—on the "ez" part of the name)

    And maybe I should take word verification off of my blog...hmmm...I think I will go do that right now.

  4. hahaha SO agree about the word verification and the only reason I know how to say her name is because I listened to the book on tape...I think when I was reading the book I said it different in my head everytime but I knew who I was talking about :)

  5. I love word verifications. LOL I even thought about taking some that I get and making a story out of them. :) I get the funkiest nonwords sometimes, and I giggle.


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