Same house....same pics.....two different collages. Dave built this house with another contractor. Our company did all the framing, beam work and all the finish work (doors, windows, kitchen, deck and all cabinets.) I heart this house. It has the most amazing views and is wide open. The house actually belongs to a guy I briefly dated in high school. Am I kicking myself now.....not really. I love my 1300 sq. ft. house and the hubby that came with it! But it is amazing to see Dave's work. He is a talented man.

The kids went with Dave to this job site a few times. They had fun roaming the acres of hillside and riding bikes down the steep driveway. While Dave was working late into the evening one night, I brought the kids up to see him before they went to bed. I brought my camera too!

Dave, thanks for working so hard for our family. I love that you are all mine!

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  1. Oh. My. Heck. This is absolutely gorgeous. That's my kind of woodworking!!!

  2. Wonderful! Beautiful! Talented man :)

    Cute Kids too of course!


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