:: My Etsy site is slowly getting loaded. I forgot how much time it took to list items. Uugh. But these recycled aprons have been my favorite so far. They are absolutely darling on, if I might say so myself. I kept the yellow one, but the other two, equally as cute on, are on Etsy now.

:: Our garage sale was a huge success and actually a very fun day. We ended up with a grand total of $705! WOW. Our goal was to be able to make enough money selling our outgrown items to purchase two new bikes. Kaia and Blake have completely outgrown theirs so we sold Kaia's and we are hanging Blake's first bike on display in our garage. It is a legend in itself. We ended up making enough money for three new bikes! Now we will all be outfitted for a family bike ride. I will post a lineup of them as soon as Kaia and I get ours in the next couple of days.

::Our friends, the Brown family, came from Vacaville to surprise us to shop our garage sale and stayed and played until early evening. I love unexpected visitors and I love it even more when it happens on a "free" day with no real plans. The only thing scheduled for the day was Kaia's haircut (which is darling and I need to get a picture of it). We ended up making a girls afternoon of it and Callie, the adorable Brown girl, got her hair cut too. I can't believe we didn't get a picture of the two of them together.

::This is my birthday week! My birthday is on Friday. 38 and starting to feel it in my body, but still 25 in my head.

:: I saw the trailer for NEW MOON. It was hot!

::AND last but not least.....I will be having a guest blogger here this week. Well, I guess he isn't really a "guest", he is the other half of me. I warn.....the dark half of me! It should be interesting. While the Browns were hanging with us on Saturday it was brought up. Dave should tell his side to the stories. So he will start tomorrow. He warns he might be harsh....but he has amazing wit and really has a sweet side. Hopefully both will come out. I can bet he will bash Twilight, harass us for blogging and calling each other "friends" and try to say he doesn't like designer jeans. But I will tell you this....we wears Lucky jeans and would prefer them any day over any other pair! He is even talking about a GIVEAWAY!

If I were to rename my blog it would be something like "Whole Wheat Pancakes and Fluffy Perfect Eggs." Dave's blog name "Crap Cakes and Dirty Eggs." So without further ado......I give you, with some hesitation.......my hubby, Dave!

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  1. Heck with the birthday week... go for a birthday month! You deserve one! We had so much fun crashing your garage sale! Best one ever! Callie loves her new hand-me-downs.
    Dave hasn't even started blogging and I'm already laughing at the things he might say. Can't wait!

  2. I forgot that our birthdays were in the same week. Just one year apart. My girls and I have seen the New Moon trailer oh, about 15 times. I told Abbey we were definately going to the midnight showing when it comes out in November. Can hardly wait!

  3. Wow, you are a very brave woman for allowing Dave to post...but then again, maybe he's less scary with the written word and freedom than my husband! :) Can't wait to see what he delivers. Congrats on the successful sale, too, by the way.

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