Did you join WE ARE LOSERS? Did you not formally join WE ARE LOSERS but have been exercising, eating healthy, and improving your lifestyle? If so, we want to hear from you. If you are cheering us on, we want to hear from you too. Please post your stats, accomplishments or support in the comment section below. Just click where it says comments and if you post anonymously, please remember to sign your name at the end so we know who you are!! I'll be weighing in around 7:00 am and posting my accomplishments for this week. Yay for our first week!

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  1. er... Tyler and I haven't officially started yet. We meant to, but it just didn't happen.
    We need to kick our butts in gear!

    Next week we'll have something better to report...Promise!

  2. For some reason I thought I was weighing in on Monday. I'll do it tomorrow morning and post it then.

  3. Mike down 2 lbs / Shari down 1 lb.
    We ate more veggies ~ and some from our garden!

  4. Dave down 10 lbs - 238 lbs

    April down 4 lbs. - 146 lbs.

    Those men always lose so much that first week or so....it totally isn't fair, but I'm not complaining about my 4 lbs....I'm thrilled. My workouts have completely kicked my butt and I have been so aware of what I am eating and how much. It feels sooooo good!

  5. I'm not really keeping track of my weight but just going off of my goals. I have exercised everyday this week, except for yesterday. I have been eating smaller portion sizes at meals, mainly at lunch and dinner. I didn't do any pilates this week, but plan on doing it next week when I get my pilates DVD from Netflix. Congrats to you and your husband on the weight loss April! 4 lbs. is a lot, good for you!

  6. WOW! Good job losers!! This first week I lost 2.8lbs. I exercised every day (albeit on 20 minutes), and wrote down everything that went into my mouth. The first few days were difficult as I thought about food all day, but by the end of the week I was so busy enjoying my new energy that I didn't have to fight the mental battle. - Connie

  7. Ok - I haven't posted before now. I took pictures but they will stay my very own and hopefully when I can look back and see improvement they will give me validation. I am much too embarrassed to show them to anyone. That being said, after almost 2 weeks, I am down 4 lbs. and eating much healthier. My goal/dream is a total of 10 lbs. I have been working on these last 10 lbs. for a couple years now. I also am taking my long runs (once a week) up to 10 miles and hope to do an 8 miler this weekend.

    There you go April - just for you. Because you inspire me to be better, whether it is physically, emotionally, as a wife or as a mother.

    - Kami

  8. Remember...my 4 lbs weight loss is a week and a half of working out. I started on Wednesday of last week. Way to go everyone so far! Nice job by all....even Tyler and Erika's honesty. Get going you two!

  9. Ate more veggies, ate smaller portions at dinner, and drank more water. Also, went running 3 days plus a walk one other day. I wrote down what I ate some days, and some days I skipped snacking. Feeling good and plan to do even better next week. No weight loss info yet, I only weigh in at the gym, and I haven't been there (I've been running outside). But I'll post about that when there is news. Thanks for getting us all moving in the right direction!

  10. Good for you guys! Umm, April you're 150, or were? You're how tall? Why do you need to lose weight? I have been doing weight watchers since September or so. I have many gains mixed in with my losses. I started at 170 and I'm re-losing some weight. I was 155.2 and my goal for July 4 is 153.2. I'm trying for two pounds a week! My lowest weight since Sept has been 152.2. :/ I'm 5'4" by the way :)


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