We are quite a group and we hope to grow in numbers not pounds! If this group doesn't inspire you, I'm not sure what will. I'm so proud of everyone who has taken this little challenge and we are inspired and excited. We have a couple of husband and wife teams, a couple of old friends from Napa, a couple of parents and a blog reader and recently gotten to know friend. Michelle who is joining at 254.4 lbs started today with no soda! Melissa set a goal to exercise 6 days a week. Way to go to all of us. Can't wait to hear progress on Friday!

My meals today: Breakfast....3/4 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal with 1/2 cup non-fat milk and 2 sliced strawberries. Snack.....20 almonds. Lunch......1/2 whole wheat pita with spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, 1 slice flank steak and 2 tbs lite balsamic vinegar dressing. Snack......1 string cheese, carrot sticks & broccoli with a little lite ranch dressing. For dinner we are having grilled salmon, asparagus, seaweed salad and a small spinach salad. Oh and I exercised this morning....10 minute cardio, 10 minute abs & 10 minutes Yoga.

If you still want to join, send me your picture! I'll make a new collage.

Coming tomorrow....regular blogging. I got some incredible pictures of a house that Dave built that I will be sharing....plus some of the kids playing on the property. It is gorgeous.

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  1. Good luck to all of you! I was lazy last night and didn't run, so I will be making up for it tonight. I got sucked into the bachelorette last night. :( Stupid show. I don't think anything is on tonight...I hope not, anyhow! I am weak.

  2. We are a great looking group. We are having BBQ'd Tilapia tonight for dinner. I got the recipe in Cooking Light, I'll share it on my blog later.

  3. I meant to join.. really! But between the broken camera (can you hear me crying??) and the crazy schedule I haven't emailed you yet! BUT ... I DID do 30 mins on the treadmill today AND no soda!

    Way to go guys! You are gonna do GREAT!!!


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