Our gift to Blake's kindergarten teacher. A farm fresh basket of fruits and veggies! She has been good to us. We will miss her.

I snapped a picture of how I arranged it while I shopped so that I could put it all back together after I checked out. It did turn out pretty. And Mrs. Blair loved it!

We said good-bye to Northwood School today. It was an emotional and hard decision and one that was made pretty quickly but will be the best move for Blake. I was told, while meeting with the District Nurse on Monday, that there was a different school in our district (actually right across the highway) that could meet Blake's nursing needs immediately. Two school nurse's aids on campus full-time. We presented Blake with his two options: stay at Northwood and wait outside of his classroom for a nurse to come from another school to cath and change him or move to a new school that had the nurses on campus full-time. He jumped on the latter because he hates to have to wait and miss class. It also helps that the new school is where his cousins go! He is actually pretty excited. I am the one sad to leave our Northwood family. We go way back with Northwood. In fact, Dave went to kindergarten in the exact same classroom that Blake did this year.

We still plan to go play on their playground, attend their carnival and go to movie night on the field each year. We have good friends there. But we are excited to be with family in his new school. Big changes for next year. Right now.....we are going to enjoy our summer!



  1. Wow, that's a nice gift!! I'll have to keep something like that in mind!!

  2. What an amazing, thoughtful gift.
    Sounds like y'all have made the right decision for your family.

  3. You know Blake hasn't had the most positive experience this year. I think a change of venue will also give him a fresh start. Nice that you had an option and Blake was wise enough to recognize the benefits. Happy Summer Vacation!

    Love, Mom/Grandma

  4. YEAH!!!!! If I am surmising correctly.........we'll be seeing much more of you and Blake next year.

  5. YAY....can't wait to have you at school with us. I know Jack is very excited. Give me a call and we can walk over to the school in the morning to visit.

    Love the farm fresh basket. That turned out great.



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