Your child scratches and dents the back quarter panel of the neighbor's minivan with the hand brake on his new bicycle. Good thing he was so cute in his confession. Completely telling the truth in the sweetest voice and then eyes appropriately swelling with tears. We went and told the neighbor to get an estimate and we will take care of it.

The kicker of the whole thing is not only is it going to set us back probably a few thousand dollars, but our other neighbor's daughter did the same thing to our car at the beginning of the week. Completely scratched the passenger door of our car with her hand brake. I still need to get the estimate for my repairs. We are just playing musical car repairs in our court. Probably the new rule needs to be.....NO RIDING BIKES NEAR CARS!

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  1. Maybe it will ust be a wahs for both of you??? We did that not long ago.... nighbor backed into my car a few days after Mark backed into theirs.... it all washed out and we look at each ofther's dents and laugh :) Some things ust aren't worth the money they take to fix!

    So cool that Blake knew to tell the truth and not wait till he was cornered! Good job mommy :)

  2. I had someone back into my back quarter panel...it only cost 1200 at that time, but then again, that was on a small car. :) of course...I didn't care to get it fixed. LOL

  3. oh boy...ya know...I think I did the same thing when I was that age...I think it comes with the territory.....

  4. Why do you think we move our car out of the carport when the kids are over with their bikes? :o)


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